Status: Doing what you like is freedom,but liking what you do is happiness.
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Location: Southern suburbs of Athens,Greece.
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It's been a while.
My name's Irene and I'm 22.I live in Greece.
I love all kinds of music.

My fav book is The Whisperer  by Donato Carrisi.
I'm on university,studying French Language and Literature.My dream job is to become a translator.

That's it for now


Quotes by Irene*

-Ooh guys on Witty only get many followers because they have a d!ck!

Well there's OBVIOUSLY a 2nd reason why boys(not all of them)get many followers.!They actually DO deserve to be followed,because they have cool,inspirational quotes,just like many other people here,both girls and boys.Did you ever thought of that?

When I woke up,I went to the kitchen to eat something.Then my 6-year-old brother came.
Me:Good morning.


What are we gonna live for?
What are we gonna die for?

People that follow others just to get followed back need to be slapped on the face with a hammer.

Bullying someone:

A f*cking stupid thing some people do to make others feel bad.Seriously,those people don't have a life.If you think about it,they spend the most of their day thinking what to do to others to hurt them.



(This happened a long time ago,but I wasn't so active)

A guy from my class:Hey Irene can you give me a pen?
Me:I will,if you say the magic word(And by saying "magic" word,I meant the word"please")
The guy:Um...I love you!?



Schools in Greece start at september13th.I never thought I'd say that,but...I want schools to start.Yes,I'm THAT bored.

I'm angry with myself.

Today,I saw a guy's last quote (FramingMattew,I'm sure you have heard of him.)But it was on January 2nd.It said  that it would be the last time he would ever come to witty because he's in hospital.I read his quotes and he seemed such a nice guy....I wish I had met him,he really seemed to care about everyone.
If you were his friend,please follow me 'cause I want to get to know you and talk to me about him....

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