Status: You can't quit because you're afraid you might fail.
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There's not really much to say. I like reading, writing, music, and play volleyball. I'm pretty closed off; I hate people. I don't like doing much, I'd rather just stay in my house where there's less people to drive me crazy.

My dream is to be an author. It would be so amazing to have people read my books and love them, and I strive to get there every day.

This isn't my first Witty, but people I knew found me on my other account, and that was okay at first, but now I have some things that I don't
want everyone knowing about. If you want to know who I was before I'll tell you, but I'm guessing you really don't care.

And that's about it. I'm a person hidden behind many walls and I haven't found anyone yet who can break those walls. A few have come close, a few probably could, but I won't let them. So give me your best shot.

For one scar less. Let me know if you ever need help and I promise you, I will do whatever I can to help.

Quotes by Iron

Smart enough to create a world,
dumb enough to destroy it.

"I'm serious.
I could do it."
it was a natural darkness full of raw and broken emotions
There is a time.
When the dark is coming but the
light is still fighting to live.
And the world falls silent.
Except for the trees.
They sing.
And you stand there.
And you are the only one left alive.
The only one still standing.
And you smile.
Because at that moment
something is worth smiling about.

I spend my time sleeping because there is nothing better to do
You are a sculptor.
You are your masterpiece.
Chiseling and carving
until you are perfect.
Until you no longer feel
the things you are running from.
Until you are smoothed over to perfection.
Until there is not a smooth surface left.
Until you are flawless.
And until you are scarred.
Until you are crystal clear
and stained with red.
Until you have nothing to gain,
yet nothing to lose.
Until you feel beautiful.
Or until the beauty kills you.
Because you are a sculptor.
And you are the tragic masterpiece.
I was running down the street,
running as fast as I could.
And a man on his lawn asked me,
"What is wrong, girl? What are you running from?"

I cried, "Life," and kept on running.

"I think people are just scared, and when they get scared they need something to turn to and something to pray to and ask forgiveness of and through that God was made so people have somehting to turn to when they feel like it's hopeless."

"Maybe we should turn to each other instead."

"Yeah. Maybe we should."

It was the kind of music that made you question your own sanity.

Mama, Mama, I tried to run.
I was out alone, but it was no longer fun.
I was out in the woods where I know I shouldn't be.
They came so fast, I had no time to flee.

Mama, Mama, they snuck up without a sound.
Their footsteps were but whispers on the ground.
Mama, Mama, they grabbed me tight.
I didn't even have time to put up a fight.

Mama, Mama, I tried so hard.
Mama, Mama, my soul is so scarred.
Mama, Mama, please come save me.
I fear I have very little time left to breathe.

Mama, Mama, they're moving so fast.
And I just know that I won't be the last.
They're going to kill me, Mama, don't you see?
These monsters you warned me about - they are now free.

Mama, Mama, they can't be real.
Nothing can cause the things that I feel.
I'm scared, Mama, I'm scared for my life.
It feels like I'm being stabbed by a cold, hard knife.

But they're not real, Mama, that I'm sure.
The truth of these creatures is just being obscured.
Mama, Mama, no one can ever run.
The demons will catch them, they're as sure as done.

The monsters are everywhere, they're impossible to kill.
They grind you down and steal your own free will.
I'm sorry, Mama, I really am.
But there's nothing to do; we've all been condemned.

Mama, Mama, it's a hopeless fight.
Just let your life slip away in a bright flash of light.
Mama, Mama, there's no hope of escape.
And no hero is coming with a big red cape.

I'm dead, Mama, don't you see?
They'll never go away; the demons are in me.