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Hi, I see you've stumbled upon my profile! I'm Brittney. I'm your average fifteen year old girl who writes fan fictions about 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. I'm almost sixteen and I love glitter-- that was random. Well.. I love The Outsiders and The Wanted and a lot of other things.. uh.. Accents are perfection, just like yourself. ♥ 

Uh.. Have a nice day? 
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I'm sorry that I haven't been on in forever. It's because I got caught up in and Tumblr. I also have a story that I want to post on here and I don't want it on Quotev or Tumblr. It's a 5 Seconds of Summer story and I doubt anybody will read it but.. I'm going to try. Check it out when I publish it on here? Mkay? c: Thanks, guise. ♥

Summer school. 

Oh, guys. I'm going to prom. :)
I've thought about this for a while, but I didn't want to say it. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but.. I don't know. I've learned to accept things for what they are, even how much it hurts to do so. Nathan, I'm not mad or upset with you. I understand your pain and everything. My grandmother-- well, great grandmother is in the hospital and she's dying. Everyone in my family kind of hates me for some reason and .. I don't know. .. Going back to what I said earlier.. I've thought about this a lot. I know these kind of relationships never really work but some people can make them work. I don't know how to say it so.. here goes nothing.

I'm in love with you.
I'm in love. 
I know it sounds crazy but I am.
He's just so perfect and I'm so...
He's an angel. 
I'm telling the truth.

I just wish other people would understand that I'm in love and would stop calling me an idiot.

I love him.

What if I made a fan fic with the "Styles Twins"? .. I'd give someone feels.. A LOT OF THEM.
Okay, so Thespian Inductions are friday. I'm doing a Grease Theme. I'm dressing up like Sandy and singing Sandra Dee - Reprise. I'm gonna blow them away c;
I proposed to a baby... not weird at all..
"You're my princess," he smiled.

"PRINCESS?" I squeaked. "Are you out of your mind?"

"Yes," he smiled wider. "but I think that's because I'm in love."