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names amanda. i dont really feel like doing an info box. sooo, just ask about me if you wanna know!                                                    

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Quotes by ItsNotOver

"I'm perfectly fine."


Happy Holidays

My little brother wants to be a gaming designer when he is older. He just made a new video. Please watch it? I want him to get a lot of veiws so he has confidence. It's actually cute.

You're Only Lacking Originality 


The emotions hurt so bad 

but the blood hurts so good


 You're saying I left?
But how come I'm standing in the same place and you walked on by 
and guess who's struggeling more without eachother. 
I'll give you a hint.

Not me. 
Diference between you and me. I don't act strong. I am strong. I don't act hurt for pitty. I am hurt

For real reasons. 

We fought last night 

&I thought to myself
"It's going to be one of those relationships." 

I'm not good at realationships. but I'm good a fighting for what I believe in. 
and I believe he loves me.


We haven't touched base in a while, Mr. razor. 
It was nice meeting you again. 

Sometimes I look at a new quote and think
 that format just looks like a top quote