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names amanda. i dont really feel like doing an info box. sooo, just ask about me if you wanna know!                                                    

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Quotes by ItsNotOver

I don't know if you noticed but... 
I'm "cold" a lot. And by I'm cold I mean, I want your hoody. Not a sorry.


Don't tell me im special
dont tell me I'm beautiful
Dont make me think you'd actually wait 
when your arms around
another g

Format by twilightgirl995

"I'm alright, I guess. How bout you?"  


I'm on the verge of breaking down, and I don't want you to worry. 

When Vinny picked up the phone, I knew it was true.

I wanted to cry.</3


Dear Boy I like,

I've given you very strong hints that i'm really not okay..When will you notice?


My desperate cry for help.


Thought of an amazing quote
 &Forgot it once I got online...

So frustraing



 You can sit here,call me names, and be immature. I'm not hurt. I kept my cool and had proof to back up my information. 

& that hurt you more, then the names you called me. because truth hurts.

Format by XxprettixX

&if you tell someone your there for them 
dont just expect them to believe it
prove it. this quote is being put up to try and scare you guys. she just want favs. You are not a sick person, likes she claims, if you dont fave this quote! she's using cancer for favorites which is seriously messed up. To all the people who have or have struggled from losing someone for cancer, i truly am sorry. stay strong.<3 

Dear Life,

When I said I like a challange, I didn't know you'd take it so literally. 

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