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Hi there.
At this point, there's not much to say.

I have a story, but i don't want to bore you with the details.

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You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.


Quotes by Itsmeagaingorgeous

One of my biggest lies is when I was talking to my crush and he asked me who I liked
and I told him to guess and he was guessing for about ten minutes and
then he finally guessed himself and I lied and told him no. He gave up and I told him
I guess you'll never know.

I'm a fail.


What would you do
If I told you
That I don't want another boyfriend,
Because of everything you put me through.


Sorry but hi I just made a
Tumblr: allison--in-wonderland


Let's Face It,
Guys don't ask us out the way they do on TV.

It's not spontaneous and random and both of you are

thrilled and you make out afterwards. Most of the time, it

starts out as an awkward friendship, and you start texting

more and more. Eventually he starts getting weird around

you, and you really don't want to talk to him as much. He'll

compliment you and say stuff that's meant to be cute, but

instead it just makes you feel really awkward. And by that

time you two are really good friends, and you can see it

coming. Your 11:11 wish might be "Don't let him ruin this

friendship and ask me out." But, it comes to the time you 

talk to him next and you try your hardest to friendzone him,

but he asks you out, and it's really awkward. You don't kiss

and do cute stuff for a while because you're still trying to

get past the idea that you're a couple now. Eventually you

two grow comfortable around each other and you have a 

good relationship and you wonder why you never wanted to

go out with him. You're floating on a cloud. 

Then, you know you're in love and it becomes like TV.


Girl: I love how pink your shirt is!!!
Other Girl: ...It's purple.
Girl: No.
Girl: *To me* What color is my shirt??
Me: #f47dd1
Both: What.
Me: What
Me: Pink.

Drinking a lot of Root Beer when you were little,
&pretending to be drunk.


*Goes out*
                                                           Me: *Dies*

Sorry if this is rather long, but these are my  actual thoughts. 

*Swimsuit shopping*

My mom: I'm going to go look somewhere else. I'll text you when I'm on my way back.
Me: Okay
Me: *Looking at swimsuits*
Me: *Five minutes later*
Me: Phew. Start at the begining.
Me: *Looks at ridiculous push up swimsuit top*
Me: Hmmm there's a problem here.
Me: *Looks at extremely stylish, modern, not sleasy swimsuit*
Price Tag: $67.00
Me: *Goes to try on different, nice looking swimsuit*
Me: *Looks in mirror*
Me: Ew. I've gotta work out. I'll start tomorrow.

Me: I crack myself up.
Me: Excercise...funny.
Me: *Walks to checkout*
Me: *Insecurely stares at everyone around me*
Me: I'm being judged. *hisses*
Me: *Cries in mind* Don't judge meeeee
Me: You're judging.
Me: You don't even know me or my story!
Me: I don't have a story... awkward.
Me: *Gets swimsuit*
Me: Done.
Me: Done with humanity.

*At the water park*

Me: *Walks into line for tube slide*
Me: Looks at sign.
Sign: Warning, maximum weight for this ride is 400 pounds.
Person next to me:
The lifeguard:
Puff The Magic Dragon:
*Walks away*

I get sad when I see the quotes in the 'top ever' section, visit the profiles, then see that they don't go on anymore...