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October 20th .
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How I Met Your Mother, SUPERNATURAL, The Vampire Diaries,
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Damn.. i sure love my music :)
SO.. Hey? :D
Are you amazing or are you just amazing ;)

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Hey guys :) 
I have this questionnaire that needs to ben done for an important project at school and I need you guys to fill it out. If you do, thank you so much!
I need 40 people to answer them..
If you can comment your answer and the number that goes with it i can fill in the actual questionnaire. Thanks once again to whoever helps me out.

Student Questionnaire - Cyberbullying 

o How old are you?

11        12        13        14        15        Older

o How long can you be away from social media?
Less than a day           A day              A week            A month          Never

1.Are you a member of any of the following social media?
Facebook               Hotmail           Twitter                        Instagram

2.How much time do you spend on these websites daily?
   Less than an hour              An hour           2hours             3hours             More

3.Are you often distracted by these websites during/before exams?
   Never        Rarely              Often               Always

4.Are your parents/guardians aware of your activity on social media websites?
   Never        Rarely              Often               Always

5.What is your overall grade after exams?
   Less than 40%                   40%                 40-65%            65-80%            80+

6.Do you normally accept friend requests from people you know?
   Never        Rarely              Often               Always

7.Do you normally share your personal information online?
   Never        Rarely              Often               Always

8.Have you ever ridiculed someone online using photo/statuses?
   Never        Rarely              Often               Always

9.Has your privacy online ever been invaded?
  Once          Twice              More                Never

10.Do you socialize outside of social media?
     Never        Rarely              Often               Always

11.Were you ever disrespected online by your real friends?
     Never        Rarely              Often               Always

12.Were you ever disrespected  by your online friends?
     Never        Rarely              Often               Always

13.Have you ever been cyberbullied?
       Never        Rarely              Often               Always

14.  Have you ever committed self harm/been depressed because of cyberbullying?
       Never        Rarely              Often               Always

15.What do you think can be done to stop cyberbullying?

16. Do you think social media is a good thing or a bad thing. Explain.


You are not beauti FUL
You are beauti OVERFLOWING ;)



Legend Says,
when you can't sleep at night,
it's because your awake in someone else's dream.

I just thought it was because i drank coffee but.. why not :)

first part of quote not mine

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That moment 

Your foot itches and you stratch it but you tickle yourself instead. 




f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

              The Perks of Being A Wallflower 

And .....

Do the Harlem Shake!



f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 


 Boys get eating disorder

Boys self harm

Boys get depressed

Boys get suicidal

Boys commit suicide

It's not just girls

So from me, Stay Strong and please

don't do anything you'll regret  

Your one awesome person ^_^


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Plot Twist: Your actually married to a 1D boy and this is all just a flashback.

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