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Quotes by Izc101

*Chapter One.*
I woke up and I was already late for school.
"Dad, you should have told me, your so evil!" I grinned
"Ah, Sorry. I thought you would be awake by now, lazy." my dad smiled back while frying something.
"Whats that?"
"Its chicken, Erin. Fried chicken-"
"oh.. why would you make fried chicken at this time, its not even sunday yet and its not time for dinner yet, obviousl-"
"Erin, its for breakfast." My dad laughs quickly.
My dad was obviously going crazy. Fried chicken, seriously.
"You are crazy. Im not really hungry right now, sorry dad. Save it for dinner, kay?"
"Alright, erin. fine." my dad said, a little upset.

* * *
I was at school near the lockers. I saw Ryan, and Alice coming my way.
"hey, guess what?" Alice asked me.
She didn't even wait for me to answer. "Aiden invited us to a party, you know. The guy in six form."
"What! Omg, thats awesome!" I said quickly, but as i thought about it i started to get worried..
"Why would he invite us? We're only 15. Well, Im the only one. Ryan is almost 15 and you are 14, Alice."
"Come on, Erin. Don't be so stupid, we just have to go. Everyone will think we are cool-"
I cut her off. "Anything could happen, Alice. Im not sure about this.."
"Erin, your so sensible all the time. Just chill. Nothing will happen, it will just be a cool, party. People will be there, so nothing could really happen."
"Alice, I know you really want to go. I kind of do aswell, ill think about it. but thats all, okay?"
"Thanks erin, your the best" Alice says excitedly.


Me in my first year of school: Please help me...
Friend: No..
Me: fine, i'm not gonna be your friend then!
Friend: Fine..

Me now: Help me dude
Friend: No.
Me now: mkai bye.



diputsyllaer may sound dumb,
but backwards it is really stupid.
Fave  if you get.



But I l



I Can't bring it up.
You know, that conversation we had.
It makes me feel really mad.
When im old and wrinkly,
I won't forget you.
I'll savour those words,
I hope you savour mine too.



I just wish I would have gone further.
No, not like that.
I wish i could bring up that conversation we had. remember? of course you do.
but you always pretend like you dont.
and it kinda hurts me, you know.
because i remember that time
when you told me you loved me
and i told you the same.
now i dont even know what
happened between us.
Now you try and date other girls
to look cool infront of your friends.
well, thanks. Thanks for nothing.


The first day of 2013:
Most normal people: Happy new year! Wow, A new year!
Me: I remember last year so vividly! I feel like it was just yesterday!
Wonder what its like
for the fish..
they can swim so awesomely
I can't even swim..
oh god.
Baby Your a firework
come on, let your colours burst