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I'm Emmy and I'm 13 years old. As you can probably see from my user name I really like Justin Bieber. His song really make me feel happy, and i know that there is alot of hate for him, but i love him. I'm not a obsessed fan girl, but I do have a passion for music, and his in the type I choose to listen to :) Also i love Taylor Swift, her songs make me want to dance!  I'm pretty fun and mental once i get to know someone, so if we do become friends, heres the warning :P Follow for a folloowwwwwwww ♥







Hey Emmy, Krissy is right, you're epic but there's nothing wrong with Justin

Bieber!!!!!!! Your my JB friend ;) You rock, you can probably guess who this

is already but incase your lost your mind its Sarah :)

Urrrrr.. yeah sorry about my derranged friends, but you gotta love them :)

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Chapter 17
I ran outside and went into the garage, full of old tools and rubbish. Among it all was the rope Dad was going to use to make me a swing when I was younger, but after Mum died, he never got round to doing any of the jobs he'd planned to do.

I grabbed it and made it into a knot. I cleared off all of the junk that sat on the stool, and pulled it over to the centre of the garage. I tied the rope to a pole that stretched from one side of the garage ceiling to the other. I stood on the stool with tears in my eyes, and put the rope around my neck. This was the end.  

When I was a little girl I thougt I'd die of old age, with the man I loved next to me, but obviously I was wrong, and didn't see the future that actually awaited me. 

I took several deep breaths, and kicked away the stool from which I stood.

The rope strangled me. I tried to breath but it was no use, it was too late to go back now.
I heard my name being called by that voice I craved so much. It as Max.
"Max." I said quitely, my face going blue and my speech breathless.

He saw me, but it was too late.

"I love you." I whispered, before everything went dark.

Chapter 16
I lay on the floor, crying with blood trickling from my nose and mouth.
I got up, every bone in my body hurting, and got myself into bed, I closed my eyes, wishing I was someone else, somewhere else, anything else. I wished I was with Max.  

I cried myself to sleep that night, waking up constantly from all the bad thoughts and nightmares I was having, each and every one, more terrifying than the last.
The blood poured out of my arm, nose and mouth,staining the sheets, dying them red, a reminder of the pain I was so often feeling.

After an hour of tossing and turning I eventually fell asleep. I hoped I would never wake up, never have to expirience anything so bad ever again, but I knew that in a couple of hours I would be awake again. There's no escape from this life. 

Unfortunately I did wake up, and the house was slient. It was 6:00am, and my bones ached more than ever. I slowly walked over to the cracked mirror that sat on my desk. My eye was black and bruised, and hurt like hell. Dry blood covered my face, I looked awful.

I couldn't take anything any more. Life was not worth living, if this was what every day would be like. 

Chapter 14
I feared I'd never see him again, the thought made me more and more angry. Max was the only one that made me happy, made me forgot all of the horrible things that went on at home, but now, I was being taken right back to them all. 

I cried and screamed the whole way there, but no matter how much I did, I was going home, wheather I liked it or not. 

The police car stopped, and we'd arrived. The police man opened the door, and I got out slowly, before trying to make a run for it. I ran fast, but they caught me and dragged me back. I kicked and shouted abuse, but they  had a tight grip on me.

The door opened and my Dad stood there, with no expression on his face what so ever, just like usual. I thought that he might be happy to see me back, but no, he didn't care at all. It's like he wasn't even there.

I was marched into the house, and the officers left, leaving me raged and upset.

"I can't believe you made them bring me back. I bet you didn't even miss me, I don't even know who you are anymore." I said to Dad, trying to be hurtful, as it was his fault I was back.
He just walked away, without saying anything.

I ran upstairs, and opened my sisters bedroom door, to see if she was in. Oh she was in, with a bottle in her hand and a random boys tongue down her throat.
"F.uck sake Rhi you could of at least knocked, this is Adam, I met him at a club last night, you don't have a con.dom on you do ya?" She said, taking another large gulp from the bottle.
I looked at her disgusted, I opened my mouth to speak, but there was nothing to be said, so I walked out and ran into my room.

I put on some music and turned it up loud, trying to block out the noice of my sister and that guy. I cried and cried, getting myself worked up and flustered. I ran my hands through my hair and pulled out great chunks through my fury.

I ran for the scissors in my draw and pressed them to my skin on my other arm. I screamed and made the first agonising cut, but it wasn't enough. A second, a third, a fourth, the blood was everywhere. I stopped, and cried in my sorrow.

The door opened, and in walked my uncle.

Chapter 13
No, they couldn't take me back home, to the place I feared every day. They couldn't!
"MAX!" I screamed. 
"You're going to have to come with us now." The other officer said.
"No I wont come with you ever!" I cried.
"You have to, your family have been looking for you, get in the police car now Miss Smith." He said, losing his temper more.
"NO! I wont and you cant make me!" I yelled, tears forming in my eyes.
"Miss Smith, if you dont come now, we'll have to use force." He said, glaring at me.
"MAX!" I cried out, tears rolling down my face.
"Come on." The police man said, grabbing me with the other police women. 
"NO!" I cried, trying to break free.
Max ran down the stairs.
"GET OFF HER!" He yelled, trying to grab my hand.
"MAX!" I shrieked, tears flowing heavily from my eyes.
"RHI!" He shouted, running after me, as the two police officers dragged me out of the door.
"GET OFF OF ME, LET ME GO!" I shouted, kicking and retaliating as much as I could, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get free.
They put me in the police car no matter how hard I tried to get out.
"I'LL FIND YOU RHI, I LOVE YOU!" He shouted running after the police car that started driving away.
"I LOVE YOU TOO!" I yelled banging on the glass window of the car, tears streaking down my eyes. As I was driven away, I watched Max try and run for the car, but he just couldn't. He stopped in the middle of the road, out of breath.

 That was when I blew him that one final kiss.