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I'm Emmy and I'm 13 years old. As you can probably see from my user name I really like Justin Bieber. His song really make me feel happy, and i know that there is alot of hate for him, but i love him. I'm not a obsessed fan girl, but I do have a passion for music, and his in the type I choose to listen to :) Also i love Taylor Swift, her songs make me want to dance!  I'm pretty fun and mental once i get to know someone, so if we do become friends, heres the warning :P Follow for a folloowwwwwwww ♥







Hey Emmy, Krissy is right, you're epic but there's nothing wrong with Justin

Bieber!!!!!!! Your my JB friend ;) You rock, you can probably guess who this

is already but incase your lost your mind its Sarah :)

Urrrrr.. yeah sorry about my derranged friends, but you gotta love them :)

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At school: *Can't write my stories because they're 'Inappropriate'.
On Witty:  Screw you school these people understand creativity.
Chapter 8
On the way to his house we talked about everything. It was so nice just to have a normal conversation with someone. I'd never had anyone to talk too, so it was great to be able to tell Max the things i'd kept bottled up inside of me. We spoke about relationships, and it turned out that he'd had quite a few girlfriends, but it didn't bother me, just made him more intriguing.

After about 15 minutes we arrived at his flat. It was nice, small, but very tidy and clean inside. Amazing pieces of art covered the walls.
"Did you draw these yourself?" I wondered.
"Yeah, it's just a hobby of mine I guess. You like them?" He replied.
"Wow, I think they're amazing, you have a real talent." I said smiling at him.
He thanked me and smiled back.
"Do you want a drink or something?" He quiried.
"I'm ok thanks, I think I might just go to bed, 'm so tired, it's been such a hectic day." I said with bags under my eyes.
"Ah ok, yeah you could probably do with a good nights sleep, you can sleep in the spare room if you want, it's the second on the right up the stairs. Oh and if you look in the wadrobe there are some old clothes of mine, you can use them as pijamas if you want." He said, I could hardly believe how nice he was being.
"Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you've done for me today." I said gratefully.

"Ah it's alright, looks like I showed up just in the nick of time, good night Rhi." He said, as we stood at the bottom of the stairs.
"Good night Max" I replied, as I went on tip-toes and kissed him softly on the cheek, and smiled.
I walked up the stairs and found the spare room easily. I looked in the tall wooden wadrobe in the corner of the room for some clothes. I picked up some neatly folded button up shirts and shorts, and changed into them quickly. 
I turned the lights down and crept between the soft sheets on the bed. It was so warm and comfortable, the pillow was fluffy and the duvet so fresh and clean. It reminded me of when Mum was alive. She'd always make the bed so comfortable, and tuck me at night, with some milk and a good night kiss. Fond memories.

I dont think i've ever felt so happy.

Chapter 7
We drove for a while. I was silent for the whole journey, and still freezing. He slowed down and got out of the car. He went into the back seat and got out a jumper of his. He came and opened the door on my side.
"You look cold, I thought you could borrow this?" He said kindly. 
"Thanks..." I said putting it on and smiling at him appreciatively.
He got back in and carried on driving.
"So how come you were up by that estate? You'd looked at bit lost." He asked keeping his eyes on the road.
"Well, some stuff happened at school...and I just had to get out.." I said quitely.
"Ah right." He replied, not questioning anything more.
We drove into a 24hr café and he parked the car next to the door.
"You looked a bit hungry, they do some great nosh here, on me of course! The names Max by the way." He said, extending a hand.
"Good to meet you, I'm Rhi." I replied, shaking his hand. It was warm and soft, comforting, feeling his skin against mine. We sat, hand in eachothers for a while, until I suddenly remembered what I was doing, smiled and got out of the car.
It was windy outside, and the cold breeze was blowing forcefully. Luckily I was wearing the jumper Max lent me, which was keeping my warm. I felt safe.

We walked in and sat opposite one another on a small table. A waitress came over and asked us for our order. We both asked for some chips and water.
"Why did you have to get out of school Rhi?"
I hesitated. I wanted to tell him so much, but I didn't want him to think of me badly.
" Promise you won't judge?" I asked.
"Course not, we've all had some bad times in our lives." He replied, which made me want to tell him even more.
"Ok." I began.
"So things have always been bad at home. My mum died when I was young, which sent my Dad completely over board. He was always depressed, and practically forgot that me and my older sister even existed. She was always out getting hammered with her mates, who got her in to drugs. I don't even know who she is anymore. I was the only one that had coped. I'd had to cope! No one else was going to keep the house tidy, buy the food and cook the meals." I said. Telling this person I hardly knew everything about my life. He was so easy to talk to. 

He sat and listened intensly to every word that I spoke.

I continued telling him about my self harming, and my uncle moving in with us.

"When he came to live with us, I thought it would only be a short term thing, but it became longer and longer. Then...yesterday morning he came home drunk when I was getting ready for school, he caught me watching him, so he came up into my room and..."
I paused, a single tear slowly ran down my face as I dropped my head in disgust.
"He what?" Max said, looking concerned.
"He came into my room and he..." I couldn't finish my sentence.
"What you mean he...!? He said shocked.
I nodded, not wanting to look him in the eye, I was ashamed.
I stood up and turned my back, trying to hide my tears.
He came over to me and lifted my head, and wiped away my tears with his sleeve.

The tears came heavily now, and I wasn't able to stop.
"I just can't stand to think that I have to go back there now." I spluttered.
He looked at me sympathetically and put his hand on my shoulder.
I stared at him, getting lost in chocolate brown eyes. I couldn't help myself. I ran over to him and hugged him tightly, resting my head on his shoulder, tears going all over to jumper. I could feel his body heat, he was so warm, so nice.
I let go after quite a while, and smiled at him through my tears.
"Well it was so great to meet you Max, thanks for the chips and everything, I'd love to see you again."
I walked away and out of the café quickly, before I remembered I was still wearing his jumper. I stopped and went back in.
"I er, forgot to give you back your jumper..." I said shyly.
"It's ok, you keep it, It's cold out there." He said.
I smiled and walked away.
"Rhi wait" 
I paused and turned around.
"You can't go back there. Do you want to stay at mine tonight?" He asked generously.
" I....I'd love to if that's ok." I said quitely.
"Of course!" 
I ran back up to him and hugged him, burrowing my head into his chest.

Tonight, I was going home with Max.

Chapter 6

I woke up slowly. I was sprawled across the pavement, I ached all over and my head hurt like crazy. All of a sudden I vomited on the road. I slowly got myself up and began to walk. It was dark by this time, and very cold. I didn't know where I was, I was totally lost, but in a weird way I felt safer than I did at home.

It had been about an hour of walking, and I was shivering cold, with only my school uniform on. I was near some kind of estate. I heard loud music drunken noises. Dogs barked loudly and boys were getting into fights. The walls were covered in un-readable graffiti, and what looked like urine. Litter covered the streets and smashed glass surrownded the whole area. I carried on walking.

I was so cold. My lips had turned blue and my hands were red. As I walked further a car drove next to me and slowed down. A good looking boy was driving and smiled at me. 
"What's a girl like you doing here?" He asked me.
I smiled shly and said that I was lost.
He offered me a ride, and I could see him staring at the cuts on my arm. He looked at me sympathetically. I couldn't refuse. I was cold and tired. He looked like a nice guy, what could be the harm?
I smiled and got in the car.

Chapter 5
My head was spinning, and I was so lost. I didn't know what to do, so I just ran. Ran as  fast as I could. I could hear the students behind me question what I was doing. Teachers and friends were shouting my name, calling me,  but I didn't look back once. 

My tears were streaked across my face as I was running so fast. I had a stitch and my heart was racing but I didn't slow down, I couldn't. I kept on going until I was unrecognisably far away. 

I slowed down until I was so out of breath that I collapsed on the floor beside a road I'd never seen before. My legs ached badly, and my chest hurt. There were still some stains of blood on my jumper, now pale and brown. What was I doing? This was so unlike me. I was never one to cause a scene, I never ran away from my problems. I wasn't able to, people depended on me too much.

After Mum died I'd promised myself that I'd stay strong no matter what, I'd keep fighting. I thought that that way things could only get better, but I was wrong. It didn't get better at all. Dad let himself go, and Jenny came in every night high and drunk. She was my sister, my big sister that looked after me and cuddled me when I was sad, where did she go? 

I couldn't bare to remind myself of what that evil man did to me, yet I couldn't stop thinking about it. How he touched me and hurt me. Shivers went down my spine as every last detail entered my memory.

I'd recaught my breath, so I slowly walked for a while until I'd arrived at a small shop. As I walked in, a women gave me a funny look, then I remembered that I was covered in blood and I was still crying. 

I walked to the alcohol section. I picked up a bottle of vodka and opened it quickly. I glugged down as much as I could, then drank more and more until it was empty. I felt dizzy but I picked up another and glugged down half a bottle, before a worker confronted me. I fell to the ground and giggled. He stood me up, but my legs were weak. I collapsed again, and fell into unconciousness.

Chapter 4
That blade, so thin and so sharp. It could cause so much damage, yet so much relief. I grabbed it from inside my bag without hesitation. I frantically pulled up my sleeve, seeing    the faint scars from the past. I pushed the razor hard against my bare skin, and slid it side ways. The rich red blood gushed down my arm like a twisting river of silk. That pain. It hurt so much but it felt so good. I did it again, making a deeper incision in to my flesh. I did it again, I couldn't stop myself. Another and another. As the blade sliced across my arm I saw that my hands were red. By this point there were several deep cuts going down my arm, and the blood covered my arms and sleeves. I fell to the floor, and huddled myself into a ball. My face was soaked in tears, my arms and hands soaked in blood. I whined, surrownded by the puddles of my misery. Few a few minutes I didn't move, didn't make a sound, just cried silently.

I heard the doors open and quickly got myself up. I pulled the hoody off of me and shoved it and the razor to the pit of my bag. I grabbed some tissue and wiped my eyes dry, and tried to get as much of the blood off my hands as I could. I took a deep breath and made myself a bit more tidy. I slowly opened the toilet door, and walked out. I washed my hands, trying to ignore the two staring girls that found me so amusing.
I wiped m hands dry as I heard one say
" Urgh it's that loser. Has someone been cutting again?" As she smirked.
I didn't make eye contact with either one of them.
"Haha yeah, whata weirdo. Either that or she's on her period!"
Laughed the other.
I could feel the lump in my throat, and I knew I was going to cry. I tried to hold it in, not look weak.
The more dominant one of the two elbowed me aside and pushed open the door of the toilet I had just come out of. 
"Urgh, that's disgusting, do you know what to use a tampon!? Haha, stupid freak, lets have a look at your arm ey, come on, I wanna see those gross cuts"
She said pulling my bag roughly off my shoulder. 
"No, can you just... leave me alone ok"
I said, my voice getting wobbly, and the tears starting to brim on my eye lid.
"You're so sad, you know that?" "Come on, I wanna see the cuts." 
She said, pushing me hard.
I held my sleeves down, not wanting them to see what I had done to myself. 
"Whatever you suicidal maniac, get a life."
The other came behind me and pulled up my sleeve hard, I struggled, as they pointed and laughed.
The tears were yet again flowing heavily as I grabbed my bag and ran out.
The corridors were full of people going to their first lesson, but I didn't care. I ran against the crowd, knocking into people infront of me, until I got outside. I yelled at the top of my voice, which obviously caught some peoples attention. I shouted and I screamed, I didn't care about all the funny looks I got, I just needed to get out.

Chapter 3

I ran out of the house and slammed the door quickly. My heart was racing and I was shaking all over. I cried and I cried, as if my tears were infinite, falling from my face and making a pool of sorrow beneith me.
What I had just expirienced was traumatising. I felt numb and worthless. Dirty. No one cares about me, I'm just the girl that pleases everyone else the whole time. 
I wanted to scream out, I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, let the world feel my pain and hatred. I wanted to fall to the ground and curl up into a ball of woe... but i knew I couldn't. As if anyone would care anyway.

I walked to school as fast as I could, not looking back on any of the horror I had just experienced. I entered through the gates, pretending to ignore all of the facetious comments being hurled at me from the people that surrownded. I was called things like 'freak' and 'a waste of fresh air', they didn't even realize how much it hurt me, to be called things like that, to see yourself as being valueless. I kept my head down and my hood up, trying to cover my tear filled face. I didn't want people asking me if I was ok, because I knew that if they did, I would pour my heart out on them, tell them everything, then watch as they judge every single word. 

I rushed into the girls toilets, and hid myself in a cubical. I pulled my hood down and ran my hands through my hair as I sunk to the ground. My sleeves were wet and damp from continuously drying my eyes, which stung horribly. I sat with my back up against the wall, and opened my school bag. In the front pocket sat the razor, and more important the blade inside it. 

Chapter 2
I ran up to my bedroom and closed the door. As I was getting out of my dressing gown and into my school clothes I heard stomping up the stairs. I hurried to try and get fully dressed but before I knew it the door had swung open, and he was standing in my door way. I screamed and grabbed the towel at my feet to cover my body. 

"What were you staring at?" He asked me ruthelessly
I replied nervously, not looking at him.
"Nothing, I was just coming upstairs
He looked me up and down, his eyes running up and down every bit of me.
He did that same sly laugh I feared so much. He walked towards me, the stench of booze getting more and more rancid.  By this time he was in my face, i coward away but he pulled me towards him. I shook with fear, as he pushed me onto the bed like a rag doll, helpless and weak. 
A tear ran down my face, but he had no sympathy. He was drunk out of his mind, I was just a 15 year old girl, vunerable and helpless.
"What are you doing!?" 
I said quitely, tears streaming by this point.
He scoffed and slapped me across the face, striking me so hard the stinging was agonising. I got off of my bed and backed into the corner of my bedroom, terrified.
He just walked over to me, his face expressionless as his pulled of my towel, much to my struggle. He grabbed hold of me tight. I faught against his tight grip as much as I could, but I couldn't get away.
He pushed me on the bed once again, and I could hardly see due to the tears covering my eyes. I lay there, pinned down. Helpless and petrified, all I could do was close my eyes as I felt the huge man stand infront of me, getting closer and closer.

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