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Hey everyone :)
My name is Jackie, I am now 15 and a sophmore. 

I'm in love with best friend who has a girlfriend
My father hates him
I've seen him when i wasn't suppose to
I'd do anything for him to be mine
People think i'm such an innocent girl but i'm really not
I'm only me when i'm with him.

Quotes by JC0396

He actually went through and unliked my photos.
He ignores me.
He doesn't talk to me.
What happened to being best friends?

Don't lose hope..
Just yet.

I'm litterally drowned in my tears
Curled over holding my heart together.
I'm broken hearted from my best friend
Who I really fell in love with
But he cares nothing about me.

I'm just a down to earth, go with the flow kind of girl.
I'm the kind of girl who would rather risk everything she has to have one night of fun.
A girl who Only Lives Once.
O.L.O ;)
I'm just the bad girl who never. gets. caught. 

When you see him with another girl and she's all over him;
The moment when you're heart just drops
But you still get up the courage to walk right to him
And he looks at you and smiles big while saying
"There you are! I was waiting for you..! come here give me a hug"
And totally get away from the other girl just to hold you in his arms

You know what?
No. It's fine.
Cause it's not like I loved you or anything..

I'm so done.
Why should I care when you don't?
Why is it that every boy I get close to suddenly seems like they just wake up one day and decide that they don't like me anymore so they stop talking to me and start ignoring me.
I'm done. I don't understand. We were best friends.
How could you do this to me?

It's her.
It's always been her.
It will always be her.
Why can't I understand that? 
Why do I even try?

How could he just forget about me like that.
I was there for him. Whenever he needed me, I made sure that I did whatever I could to help him
How could he do this to me
He doesn't even care enough to text me? Just to say hi?
He told me he missed me
Last time I checked when you miss someone you don't stand someone up for luch, ignore them when they text you, and not talk to them for days.
I just don't understand </3

It's crazy how you don't see that the things I do for you, are only for you.
I wouldn't do them for anyone else but you and you don't see it. 
You don't understand that I go out of my way just to see you.
You just don't understand.
no one does.