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Quotes by JFx313

True Love;
Is there such a thing?
I didn't believe, I didn't even know how.
Then I met you, and everything changed.
I couldn't get rid of the smile on my face,
and I couldn't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach.
It's Love;
New school year;
New boyfriends ;
New mistakes ;
"How do you sleep at night knowing what you did was so horrible?" he asked her.
"I don't." she replied.
What once was mine is now only a dream.
The things i loved so much are now gone.
Every good thing i had has completely disappered.
I thought you were someone i could depend on.
You made me feel like no one has before.
I could have sworn you felt the same.
I guess i was wrong.
For you, being with me was just a game.
It was fun while it lasted, but its finally over now.
You lost me, and i lost you.
Someday, you'll realize what we had was amazing.
We are through.

*100% mine i wrote this on my own so please dont take credit! thank you<3
we've both moved on. we both found someone new, yet i still
can't help but wonder why things never worked out between us.
what we had was so perfect, but it all fell apart. how can that be?
how could we just let ourselves lose the best thing we ever had?
people make mistakes '
most people forgive them'
others will never let it go
some will stay c l o s e '
others f a l l a p a r t ; '
its all just because of that
o n e l i t t l e m i s t a k e'
that o n e person made
cause that o n e person ;
making that' o n e mistake
could completely ruin '
's o m e t h i n g g o o d ;

cute edits* limited time only
you're the one person who's always been
there when i needed you even when you'
had way too many of your own problems
i trust you more then anyone else; ilysfm
best friends always ; [their full name here]
when you act like nothing ever happened
i feel like i should feel bad, but i can't like
someone who thought they'retheonlyone
that matteredi hope that you're flattered
cause you broke this down ; the
best thing that youneverhad

*cute edits
for a limited time only
Best friends are someone you can trust with anything
someone you know can totaly understand&help you out
you can know that they'll always be there for you <3 ily
[you know who you are]:-)
She's just a girl
w/ a broken heart;
trying to find 'him'
the p e r f e c tguy
it's not working</3