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hey, beautiful. <3
see you're on my page.. well, hi.
i'm jenna ;3. and your name?
ha. i love hugs, LOVE THEM.
insecurities? this girl got 'em. :c
witty is my home. it comforts me, everyone on here does. when i have a problem, i go to witty. it helps me, most of the time.. confession? i cut. and if you're going to judge me for it then get the fuck off. thanks. i have a him. he's my world. and he knows. i LOVE him. his name is damian.
welllp, tha's it. baii. ;3

more about me;
name; jenna.
birthday; january24th;3
him; damian.
currently; in a relationship c;
what i love; hugs, friends, long texts, sweatshirts, guys that smell good, you, &more.
leslieeee ;3 (IHeartPiano)
maddy (360maddy)
jesus (mexican, not god.)

i love comments ;3
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Ninja flashing heart  play it loudplay it loud that's all beautiful ;33   

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 hey jennaaaaa
it's leeesslllieee!!! i<3ya!!
;3 wifey
cya in school!!
-your best franddd

You are beautiful.
and dont let anyone tell you differently.

September 11, 2001.
A day to remember and never forget. A day many people lost theirs and their loved ones lives.  Some people sacrificing their lives for the sake of other people.  A sad day in history.  But it was also a day that brought America together.  9/11 is a day we can not forget. Along with the people we lost.
R.I.P. </3

If I was never asleep,
How do I wake up from this dream? ♥

 my quote|nmf.

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best thing i never had..
final chapter.

I woke up in my bed, excited, but nervous.  Today was the day of my wedding.  My husband was the best guy ever.  The twins were due any day now and thanks to my husband, or soon to be husband, I wouldn't have to raise them alone.  It was weird being pregnant.  I swore to myself I would never get pregnant until I graduated college, was married, and had a good job. That way I could support my children.  Well, I guess.. sometimes, you have to break promises.  I went to my bathroom, and started getting ready.  In a few hours, I was done and ready to get to the church.  I got in my car and rode there.  I got out of my car and went into the dressing room at the church to find 3 of my bridesmaids, Ciara, Marie, and Ashley.  Ciara had come down for the wedding, and to visit me. She is in Yorkshire College and doing very well.  Marie is not in college, but she is taking a year to spend with her family and loved ones before going to Virginia to live with her fiance and go to college there.  Ashley is in Little Rock University and is taking a course in psychology, to become a psychiatrist. It makes me happy to know that these girls, my best friends, are having a successful life and are leading into families and good careers.  I'd give anything to be like them.  "Laney, honey! Oh, hello, dear, are you excited?" Marie asked me.  "Of course! But, I'm nervous, what if I get stood up?" I said, biting my lip.  "Oh, Laney, he's standing right up there.  It's time.  We have to go.  See you in a few minutes, good luck."  The 3 bridesmaids walked out of the dressing room and up the aisle.  A few minutes later, It was my cue.  I walked down the aisle, so nervous.  When I got up there, we said our vows.  "I do." I said smiling after we had said our vows.  The preacher smiled. "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Skylar Vincent. You may kiss the bride."

 The end.
Hope you liked it.  No sequel, sorry.
I will be writing a new story though.  So don't leave my profile forever, chack back later today! (:

I  look  at   my   younger   sisters   and   think   .   .   .  #2
Wow,  Mom,  you  needa   check   that   thing.   For   l ike....  mental   illness,  you know?

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I  look  at  my  younger  sisters  and  think  .  .  .  #1
Damn, was I that annoying at that age?!
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best i never had..
chapter  chachapter fifteen.
"Laney, will you marry me?"  Skylar asked, while we were on the balcony of my house.
"Laney, I know it didn't work out, but will you re-marry me, after all, I AM the father of your kids." Zach asked.  Oh, no.  Which should I choose?!?!  I ran to my room to think.  I turned on the radio and laid down on my bed.  Hmm.. I listened to the songs on, I looked back on everything that's happened.  I fell asleep.  I had a dream.  It was a very detailed dream that had two sides.  One side was my life with Skylar, my kids, and I.  The other was Zach, my kids, and I.  I thought about it.  Was the dream really how it would be?  it seemed so possible and realistic.  I know.  I know who.  The best for my kids and I.  I just know.  It'll work.  I can feel it.  I walked out to the balcony to find them both standing.   They turned to me, with an anxious look.  "Okay, guys, I pick..."