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Quotes by JStewa

I hate how people think good things dont last ..
They last as long as you work for them .
No relationship lasts with out a little work .
its like saying im gonna sit in school and do
nothing and still pass .
It just
doesnt work like that :)
Life aint no fairy tale, everything requires effort .

She said shed never been happier, she said shed never felt this way before, she said it was forever.
I said all the same things, but reality was,  sometimes the heart tells
you to go with what you know is worse for you. reality was.
she isnt over him yet
I said im sticking around till her heart makes its decision.
the hardest part is where do i draw the line on when to make MY decision to stay or go?
when it comes to it, no one understands me like she does
i love her

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Moving forward► means letting go,
but letting go is only as hard as
YOU make it,
No, quote, no lyrics, no person will make it easier

in the end its
YOUR life, and YOUR in control