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Quotes by JacqxAttack

Guys, I'm a GIRL
And I'm obssesed with
kill streaks ;)

When I see your smiles
I know I'd walk for you, thousands of  miles

When you look at me
I often find it hard to breath


Even though some may call us young
I know I'll love you millions of suns <3

You say dance isn't a sport.... but could you sustain all the blisters we get?
You say dance isn't a sport... but could you stand on your tippy toes for hours?

You say dance isn't a sport... but could you twirl on your head for a long time?

You say dance isn't a sport, but we all know you couldn't do what we do.

Xoxo Jacq Xoxo
 Don't worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine.
Life's ups and downs provide a window of opportunity to determine your values and goals- Think of using all the obstacles as stepping stones in the life you want to achieve.

You tell me I look pretty
But all I see are my




I am alone On my own
And that's all I know
I be strong I carry on
 And that's life
I am just a girl
Trying to find her way in this world

It's like I'm perched

On the

handle bars

Of a blind mans bike


I miss that look

You used to give only me