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Hayiee there witty girls and boys(:
As you may already noe, my names Jade. Ima 15teen years young, and i blow the canddles out on August 17th. I live in Australiaaa!, Oh and ima taken by the amaaazing guy ; iloveyou! <3
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Jade.101@hotmail.com. Hmmm... well i think thats about eht, dont really have anything else to say, so if you wanna ask me any questions feel free to do so, because i dont mind. And yeah, hope you likee all of my quotes. :D
Peace out. x 


Quotes by JadeBrittney

Oveer all this jealouse shieet! -.-

OMGGG!, get oveer eht. -.-

S.U.M.M.E.R; ehts coming((:

Wow... that cut me, alot. </3
even if he said 'jokes' at the end.

The most awkward moment when you have a lezo dream, and then wake up and your likee WTF!? :L

I just wanna makee you sway. (8) ;3
The awkward moment when your frieends eating a red skin and eht reminds you of something dirty, then your likee to your other frieend what eht reminds you of, and your frieend eating eht says' eht taste yummy' then everyone cracks up. :L
The awkward moment when your friends embarrasses you infant of your boyfriend. :L
Favorite if you agree with me.

When your laying in bed with your boyfriend, and snuggle'ing so tight, but then ehts time for him to go home, and so you just grab a hold of him and don't wanna let go.