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Hi Stranger.(: im 18; i live in California; Taken.(:  My birthday is 12/18/1995; Justin Timberlake; T Mills!!<3; I would definitely go lesbian for Mila Kunis. I smoke weed and drink. Don't judge me, its annoyingg! I LOVE Jaden Smith, We're getting married, so you guys can get over it. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is my babee.(; I absolutely positively HATE Rhianna. My favorite Color is PINK! :D im a Lover, not a fighter, but if you mess with someone i love, i WILL kick yo ;) ok thats probably all... Ya'll should like comment on my profile! because i love talking to new people!

Photobucket I La-la-la-LOVE Batman!<3 Photobucket My Baby Boo. i would do anything and everything for this babygirl. shes my whole life and i dont know what to do without her. Photobucket Yeahh... Me :)  

Quotes by JadenSmithsWife

You say you'll always be there for me;
but iknow that your not ready to hear it.
 the only one that is truely there for me is my razor.
Sorry you ripped my heart out of my chest and held it in front of me so I can watch myself die

It's gonna take a while for me to stop thinking it's gonna happen again.
did ya miss me? :)
Soooo much has happened since last time ive been on Witty. 
I dont even know where to begin...
but who cares anyways? probably no one.
follow me on twitter lovies
have you ever been so in love that you dont even want to talk to anyone else? that you dont want to ever be away from that person? an whenever your around them your heart beats really fast and you dont know why. theyre just so perfect that just being around them makes you nervous. yeah.. thats how i feel
trying to explain why you cut to someone who never has.
today is literally the worst day of my life. i dont know what to do with myself. im so numb
i have the urge to cut and idk what to do.