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Quotes by Jahyvie

'cause you were just 

a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life. Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why.

Gonna take off all my skin,
tear apart all of my insides,
when    they    rifle    in,
mom and dad  think you'll be  saved.

They    never     had     the    time,
theyre gonna medicate your lives,
you   were always born a crime,
we salute you in your grave.
We all live our lives as if there is another tomorrow waiting for us. We seem to forget that forever is completely temporary, a broken promise that never actually existed. We live each day saying Ill do it tomorrow, Ill tell them tomorrow, but you may not get tomorrow. I know its kind of cliche and you probably hear it a lot but its completely true. All we do is postpone our words, and feelings, and actions. We put off telling the people we love that we love them, we put off our dreams, we put off our goals. If youre in love with the person tell them, you may not get tomorrow, or maybe they wont get tomorrow. If you want to try out for that role in the play, do it. Put all your fears behind you and go for it before someone else does. Do what you want and need to do now before its too late. YOu wont always get the next day.

Maybe you just have to

live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts . Maybe thats all that really matters at the end of the day. - Tianna Kavanagh

Ed already has 24 songs written for his next alum which is coming out in febuary.....2014

Ed Sheeran @EdSheeran                                                                                 4 Jul
album is top 10 for the 3rd week in Canada. Big love to the 'Eh'

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[Failed attempt at twitter lol]

I want someone

to cuddle with until 12:00 in the afternoon. Someone I can go on dates with to little coffee shops and watch local gigs. Someone who likes the same music as me so there would be no fighting of what to play in the car. I want someone who will freak out with me over little things, and cry at stupid movies with me. I want someone who will laugh at all my stupid jokes and wont be mad if I eat all the pizza. I want someone to care for me like no other and love me and all my quirks. But most of all I want someone who will never give up on me even if I fail them everyday.

I think when youre young, youre hoping that this person

will be the right one, the one youre going to be in love with

forever. But sometimes you want that so much you create something that

isn't really there

-Johnny Depp

-Johnny Depp


Awake and unafraid
Asleep or dead?
Interviewer: He's got tiny hands, thats why he's got a tiny guitar.
Ed Sheeran: Big feet though.

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