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Quotes by Jaiderpinkets

If you keep on saying that my bestfriend is going too be 'the one' for you.. Why were you treating me as your girlfriend & now just left me again ;/

Friends are like pennies, two faced & worthless.

                      That Moment when you try too see if you really do have super powers... lmfao

#fav this if you've ever tried<3 dont be ashamed(:

Random Guy: Age is just a number kid. ;)

Me: Yupp .. so is 911 you pedofile!!

 Dear John... <3


            That love you just the way you are<3


Taco Bell makes the world go round <3 It's Delicious. 

                She Will Be Loved<3

-Marron 5
                                     I feel bad for the person; that has a good quote & they get a 1,000 fav's on it. That means 1,000 fricken notifications!!

             There's always that one girl who puts a  smile on her face after shes had difficult problems with love... That girl is Me<3