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I'm just a weird bisexual little unicorn who likes poetry and art . . I also like poptarts and aliens . . Feel free to ask me any questions

Quotes by Jaii

Wing Ridden Angel who fell from the sky

Met a little human boy who seemed to catch your eye

You fell in love and he filled that empty void in your life

And helped you find your wings so you can fly

So Little Angel, Little Angel sitting there on Earth

'm glad someone was able to show you, your worth.
Can you not hear me? Hear my screams of pain.. Do you not see me? See the tears running down my face.. You saw and you heard correct? But you chose to ignore me. But I heard.. Heard all your lies... and I saw.. Saw you leave..
" I love you".. a lie she's been told to many times.But that's what she gets for trying to read between the line.Yeah she smiles but nothing is ever fine.And keeping it in is eating her alive.

If you can find a unicorn then you can ride it 🦄 if not then just keep looking dummy 🙂

I finally figured you were the missing piece but guess it's all just history... I still replay those long forgetten memories, even though I know its slowly killing me...
~ Give yourself the love you keep trying to give someone else because a queen without a king is still a queen & vice versa ~

~ On this dark and stormy night as she sat watching the rain.. contemplating if she should try again.. but she didn't know if she could take that kinda pain... everyone says she better off but what did she really gain? ~

~ All she felt was pain inside.. blossoming from the feelings she tried to hide... she doesn't even know why she tried.. when she knew all along it was just a lie..~