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Guess who's back-back-back
back again-gain-gain

Flo from Progressive is in a relationship with Jake from State Farm
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lol at
Elephant auto insurance

Enough is enough

This started out as a joke, but now it's gone too far.
I created this account to make people laugh, which by the way did make people laugh, it made their day actually. Yes, I copied A_white_van. I liked the idea of the funny account. But now everybody's making one, and quite frankly, it's getting annoying.
I did not make this to gain followers. I made it to at least try and follow all of witty, which I guess is impossible, but at the same time to get a laugh out of it.
Steve wouldn't want witty to be taken over with novelty accounts which will probably be useless in a few weeks. I'm most likely going to take down this account. And so should most of you who made an account following this example.
I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone.
I'm sorry if you think I made this for followers.
I have not gotten any complaints or anything, but either way. Why wait 'till I do.
So just please, if you were thinking about making a novelty account, I beg you, please don't. And if you already have, just delete it.
Thank you.
If you have any comments you want to add, go ahead.
I want to hear your opinion on this.
None will be deleted.

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Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there

I'm wearing