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im james. 17. single.
canadian. i want real friends here.
not fans/haters like before. lets start over.


dont ask to be my witty girlfriend no more.
ill ask you.


CornStar is life.
blacklace is babymomma.
father to the beautiful notyouraverage
Ireland gf= FreeBree

Quotes by JamesBrass

seeing double...

making triple!

i aint here to stress you out,
im here to stretch you out

and imma make you mine

i'm done with mad girls
and all their games

someone hit me with a text

when girls say they are not like most girls
they end up being like most girls.....

one year on witty

new love????
Toni Bronisevsky

ok so ive been told this a lot lately
"im a player"
no. i am not a player. yes i do love girls.
im an average guy. if i see a cute girl ill go after her. not my fault really.
but just because i have an interest in someone who happens to be attractive in your eyes im a player?
no. thats not how it works. i have respect for women.
im not going to lie i do have a type. that most girls dont fit into. im just picky.
im not judgemental i think everyones beautiful.
so get to know me before you call me a player or i will call you out.


i wonder if i went inside my body
u'd see how many times ive actually
been hurt.....