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Quotes by JamiJam

Most girls on Valentines Day are greedy.
They want lots of flowers, chocolate, a mushy card.
They want a ring, or necklace,
a fancy dinner, or to go on an expensive date.
Then there are the girls like me,
who only want someone to cuddle,
to watch movies and laugh with.
So heres to the girls,
who don't care about all the material things.
To the girls who just enjoy the company of someone who cares.
Holy Witty.
I seriously have not been on here in what seems like forever.
A lot has changed since then.
This used to be my life, and I kind of just up and left.
Well, I'm back(:

I dont know how Id get through my toughest days without..

A Day to Remember <3

And everyday I'm reminded of:

How much of a disappointment I am to everyone...
How much people hate being with me...
How nothing I ever do is good enough or is wrong...
How ugly I am...
How fat I am...
How I'll be alone forever...
How much I try, I'll never be anyone...

Im reminded of how no matter how much I try, or anything I do, I'll never mean anything...
When you feel my heat,
look into my eyes,
it's where my demons hide,
it's where my demons hide..
Don't get to close,
its dark inside,
it's where my demons hide,
it's where my demons...
You make me smile like the sun,
fall outta bed,
sing like a bird,
dizzy in my head,
spin like a record,
crazy on a sunday night.
You make me dance like a fool,
forget how to breathe,
shine like gold,
buzz like a bee,
just the thought of you can drive me wild.
Oh you make me smile. <3

My eyes turn this beautiful
blue-green shade...

When I cry...


According to Greek mythology.. Humans were born
with 4 legs, 4 arms, 2 heads and 2 hearts.
One boy, and one girl together. Zeus would rip
them apart, forcing them to spend their
lives searching for their other half..

nmq. saw on fb

I havent been on here in so long, not since the school blocked us from getting on at school )': ..But its not like anyone missed me anyways -.-

Breaking Dawn Part 2 in less than 2 hours! <3