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Hey there, my name's Jamie. Cheerleading, dancing, singing, running, and friends take up most of my life. I'm a proud Christian, which is what is most important to me. I wouldn't function without starbucks, and I love my life. So follow me, it'll be a good time. :)

Quotes by JamieElizabeth89

It breaks my heart when I scroll through all these quotes and see how many of you are hurting emotionally.  None of you deserve to feel that way. I've been in your position before. Feeling so depressed, like no one cared. Like no one is there for you. Like no one wanted you. But what got me through that..is God. He took away all the burdens of my life, and made me feel like I mattered. Just by asking him to help me, he made my life from miserable to amazing. I know this isn't a real quote..but just some advice for all of you who are emotionally stressed or hurt right now.  Ask God for help, you won't be sorry. I Promise.


with The Phantom of the Opera

That  moment when you take your bra off after a long day and you're all

"My boobs are sexy and freeeeee!"

It's not that i hate you, it's just...


nah, I just hate you.


Something I will never see.

International Women's Day.<3

And who else

wants some of those Tech Toasties.

Me: I'm bored.

Parents: Would you like to do some chores?

Me: I'm bored.

"Friends": lol too bad we already made plans without you.

Me: I'm bored.

Food: Come here baby, i'll make you feel better

Your Crush: Heyy

You: Oh my gosh. Two y's. He used TWO Y'S! He's in love with me

That one friend you have

Who's mom always asks for all the hot gossip.