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Hey, I'm Jamie. I am 16 years old, and my birthday is July 11th.
Not much to me! If you want to talk, I'm here! xx

Quotes by Jamie_x_Lynn

You are
what you love
not who
loves you.

Is it so wrong

that you make me strong?
I'm so sick of waiting till I'm eighteen. 
Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll

'cause I can't control myself.

I don't wanna stay, wanna run away.

But I'm trapped under your spell.

And it hurts in my head, and my heart, and my chest

and I'm having trouble catching my breath.

So won't you please stop loving me to death?
I miss you more every day

I was torn because my heart was lost with your fortworth

I sang you my lines, we had so many good times

More than anyone on this earth
And this is our story

The story you knew of me

and how I belong to

Of our story, a story

you knew of how we will make it through
Thanks for the memories, 
even though they weren't so great. 
And being here without you
is like I'm waking up to
only half a blue sky,
kinda there, but not quite.
I'm walking 'round with just one shoe.
I'm half a heart without you.
I'm half a man, at best,
with half an arrow in my chest.
I miss everything that we do.
I'm half a heart without you. 
Let's be the change 
we've all been waiting for. 
'Cause we've heard the cry.
And we come alive.
And we fight for love.
And we live to die.
Because a day that holds no meaning
is like a day without the light.
So we come alive tonight.