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If your checking this to see if i miss you,




The answer is yes, bbg I do miss my bestfriend


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When a girl smiles at you


 It's because your friends,

It's because she likes you,

It's because you make funny faces at her.
Shes just happy your still apart of her life
It's because you stare at her and she doesn't know what else to do,

But Sometimes..
She smiles for no reason because shes still trying to get over the hurt you caused
her and she doesn't want you to know that shes not over it.

We used to talk for hours everyday, but now, we never do. And the truth is...

i miss my bestfriend.

        Deleteing someones number doesnt have much point...





[ ( When you have it memorized. ) ]



                          The best feeling in the world?
                                     -Knowing that i'm over you



                                             I got an 

                           Written on the back of my hand


&&- You only left yesterday, but i miss you already..

This morning i caught
myself smiling
then i realized..
\\*I was thinking about you*//


-&& When i see you
My face turns completely red.
And i get those butterflies
I have completely
for you.