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I'm just a 15 year old girl. I know I'm not perfect, I know I'm not really pretty and I know I'm not really skinny either but I'm trying my best and that's all anyone should ever ask of me. I hide behind fake smiles and laughs, and  I pretend my way through life. I know I'll never please everyone but at least I'd like to please myself.. I love God and believe each day is a blessing but that doesn't mean I don't go through hard times. Life is a gift so don't waste it. I love poetry and writing, I'm honest as honest gets when it comes to what I think and I really don't care what others think of me.
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Lol jk I know it's not me so don't tell me please..
We all need the vent category back.. Most of us don't know what to put our quotes as now. How about we just use the pictures category as a vent category instead? No one uses pictures and we need something to label the quotes as so why not? 
I just haven't met you yet <3 
-Micheal Buble

is it really wrong to want to be pregnant and have a baby? I'm such a screw up, I'm legitimately stupid, I don't have a smart bone in my body and it seems like I have no hope of ever being better. I feel like having a baby would be the best thing I could do for this screwed up world, maybe my child would turn out better and bring something to the world. Maybe my child would love me even though I'm not perfect, maybe having a baby is the only good thing I could do in my life.. 
simple solutions:  If Someone makes you mad, just pee on them.

& My life's not a fairytale, my story's not a happily ever after. My prince charming isn't coming to save me and my fairy god mother never showed up, and there's no one left to save me..
girls, how about we all stop complaining about guys and how they're awful heart-breakers who don't actually care about us? Not all guys are like that and we can be just as bad, if not worse than some of the things we accuse guys of. Give them a little grace k?

Hey Witty! I'm back!!!!
Bye Witty.. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive but I feel like it's just time to move on. I haven't been on witty very long but while I was, it was great, so, thanks everyone for that! Maybe I'll come back later, maybe not. Anyways, BYE ❤
Today was the last day of school.. I got my ex to write in my yearbook and he said "You're really pretty, don't turn into a dumb-face". That's just like him to say something like that. I wrote a friggin paragraph about how he's funny and smart and amazing and made my year better.. That was kind of awkward..
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