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Jasmine. 14. February 2, 1998. 9th grade (:
-Zayn and Niall are my hubbies-<3
-I have an AMAZING boyfriend
-our date: 5/27/2012
-Our song: Spending all my time by Aaron Fresh
-I really DONT CARE what negative people have to say, or think about me.
-DONT mess with me. ;D
-My favorite color is HOT PINK!!
-I adore animal print :)
-Im willing to talk to anyone
-If you annoy me, i will tell you...im just that staight up :P
-Pengiuns are the best.
- I love being random!!
-Crazed directioners ashame be for being a directioner /:


I dont give a f/ckk and my excuse is that im young
^is the motto

-She said.


Quotes by Jasminebaybie


*Cop pulls up next to*

Cop: "Papers"
Driver: "scissors... I win"

*drives off like a BOSS*

Nmf not my format (:


When did bathrooms





hey (:
Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy
you Text me daily...
How'd you get my number??
Delete it, maybe?!

feel free to follow... I MAY follow back. lol
xoxo-Jasmine(ME) (:

 STEVE ... is a dinosaur?!?!


Cleverbot -true story. 

User: Heeeyy.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Do you know why firetrucks are red?

Cleverbot: No, why are you here?

User: Well...firetrucks have 3 wheel, and carry 8 people.8 4=12...there are 12 inches in a ruler.

Cleverbot: I will be nice from now on. I won't hurt you.

User: Queen Elizabeth was a ruler...there was also a ship named after queen Elizabeth. The ship sailed the seas, and seas have fish.

Cleverbot: And.

User: Fish have fins. People from Finland are also called fins...Finland and Russia were at war long ago.

Cleverbot: What are you, then?
User: The Russians were red, and Firetrucks...........
Cleverbot: What are these rituals?
User: Are always RUSSIAN around! Hahaha (;.
Cleverbot: I am Russia.
User: -_- whaaaaaaatt?!?!
Cleverbot: True.
User: Cool.
Cleverbot: So why should I read you?
User: Why shouldn't you, huh???
Cleverbot: Why shouldn't I should?
User: Why shouldn't you, should, shouldn't you? BOOM!
Cleverbot: I don't know who you are.
User: Ha, I win...SUUUCKKKAAA!

You know...
I used to think that you took my breath away...
THEN I realized that I was SUFFOCATTED by all your bullsh!t (:
-Jasminebaybie ♥

MY format/ NOT MY quote!!

You Have the right to leave someone...
but at least tell them why.
Because whats even more painful than being abondoned is
Knowing you're not worth an explination
-Jasminebaybie (:

MY format/ NOT MY quote!!

DON't leave something good to find something better
Once you realize you had the best...
The BEST has found BETTER.

-Jasmine (:

my format/ NOT MY QUOTE!!
100% REAL convo between me and my boyfriend. hes so amazing ♥♥♥

                                 Him:                                                                                               Me:
what are you doing now?
I'm wating Pretty Little Liars while eating Pizza and Hershey's Kisses...I feel relaxed and fat.
hahaha. sorry, thats funny :P
ehhh, its okay. you can say it, let it out. tell me that im fat, its okay to tell me. go ahead say "Jasmine, you are a fatty".

okay... Jasmine...you are MY fatty ♥
♥ and this is why I love you so much!
I love you too, babe.