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I'm Jasmine, I was born on March 19th, 1997. I have been through so much. People don't realize how fragile I am. I cry so easily. But I don't choose to be that way. I have a lot of anger and pain inside of me, that no amount of time will make go away. It will always be there. On August 16th 2010 I was . I spent the first year after that not eating, cutting, smoking, drinking. Anything to kill the pain and make me forget. I had to deal with it all on my own. I had no help. Then I told my therapist who told my mom. And for the past year I have been fighting for justice. It hasn't been easy. I have tried to kill myself 12 times. My dad is an alcoholic that doesn't care about me, my siblings, or mom. I have been put through the ringer. Lets just say that. But people forget, and they think I am fine. But I'm not. I'm pretty miserable on the inside. But I've learned no one likes a sad girl. So I try to hide it all. 

But I do have an amazingly perfect boyfriend who makes it easier. We've been dating since 3/3/12. He's my best friend and boyfriend and I don't know where I'd be without him. He gives my life a meaning, and makes me feel special. He tells me that I'm beautiful, even though he knows what I think about myself. He seems to always know how to make me smile. I love him so much, and I will marry this boy someday. People spend their whole lives searching for a love like this. And I was lucky enough to find it early. He'll always be my boy, Through tuff, hard, and hell. Forever and always.

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I've submitted my story to a contest and I'd love it if you could vote for me please (:

I searched my name today on witty and the fact that i have quotes written about me brings tears to my eyes. i haven't been on here in a while but thank you everyone who keeps my story going.
My boyfriend of 11 months is going to break up with me.
I dont think I will survive this.
When they all turn against you,
You better be prepared to fight!
If you were me you'd do the same,
Cause I can't take anymore.
I'll draw the shades, 
And close the door. 
Everything's not alright.
I haven't been on here in forever!
Hello witty
At the end of the day,
Everything is my fault.
I don't know why anyone would love someone like me.
My sadness is making my body sick.
Im the problem.
Its all my fault.
And now im loosing you.
Im sorry life,
whatever i did to p*ss you off,
Im so sorry.
please dont take him from me.
Everything sucks!
Everyday just keeps getting worse and worse. I try to just ignore it all and keep going, all my life thats what people told me to do. Just smile. Well you know what, I tried that. But guess what, it didn't make anything better. I lost all my friends, nobody cares about me, I've changed, I don't feel anything, and im still misurable. This morning I woke up every 15 minutes for 3 hours. Then I had to get up and get on the bus where nobody even looks my way anymore. I look like sh*t everyday because I am to tired in the morning to wake up earlier to make myself look good. Then I get to school (where my rapist goes btw) and its the lastplace I want to be. I go into science and my boyfriend is told he can't sit next to me anymore. Then I go to the next period were nobody gives a sh*t about me. I have nobody to talk to and the class SUCKS! Next class is math and the teacher intimidates me and i am scared of him so i dont know anything in that class and am failing. Next class is the guided study class, as if i wasnt different enough with haveing to walk a certain pathway everyday to avoid my sexual assualter, I am now put in a room with 6 kids because we all need help in school. Thing is, I dont need to be there and the teacher is effin annoying! Last class is art, its the only class i kinda like but i am falling behind so i had to take my project home. I am just sitting there on the bus and someone decides to seat jump, sit on my project, not apologize, and now i have to fix half of it. I get home with a headache, want to go to sleep and my sister and little brothers start screaming, thanks. and last but not least i go to take a shower and someone broke it. now we can only take baths and if i get water in my ears I get ear infections. MY DAY WAS F*CKING FANTASTIC!
.... okay done with my vent.