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Hello girls:)
my name is Jason and I am new to witty. My  friend showed me this site and i love it..shes awesome.. you know who you are! Well anyways I just want you to know you're all beautiful. and I would love to talk to you!! just leave a comment and I talked my best friend zach to get a witty too! so talk to him also!:) his name is zachary53. we live in california! we share pretty much the same interests so check him out.. seriously
well I think thats it
just remember

youre amazing:)

P.S. you may be wondering why I don't have a picture! its because I don't want you witty girls out there only talkin
g to me because I'm "cute" or "hot" .. I'm a nice guy so I'm here to talk!

Quotes by Jason45

Hey Girls!
My name is Jason!
I am 14 years old!
My best friend is Zach, or zachary53, in case you talk to him!
I like this website. i finally know what girls are thinking! If you need to talk, i would love to hear it.. anytime!
youre all beautiful and amazing and I know that for a fact, so you shouldnt be treated bad by any guy! go ahead and leave a comment on my page
i know you want to:)


Need to chat? Im here!
...oh yeah and im a boy:)
the name is jason

 Hello Girls:)
I know guys with wittys are becoming more popular
so you may not even look twice at this quote but I hope you do.
What I'm trying to say are guys are jerks, but they don't try.
Girls are too into stereotypes, and just want to be able to say "every guy is a jerk so why even try" 
when really you will find the one someday
I promise
and in the meantime it wouldnt hurt to just have some fun
if you like a guy tell him cause turns out hes too shy to tell you
and if you ever need to talk I swear Im here!