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R.I.P Kelsey

R.I.P Lisa


Two beautiful girls. Two perfect sisters.
Both taken to death by their own demons, by their own hands.
I miss both of you more then anyone can imagine. I wish I could've loved you both better</3


Hello gorgeous.
I'm Jason, 17 years.

Rarely I'm on witty.
I work 3 jobs, plus go to school.
And I take care of my remaining two younger sisters.
My life is a living hell
Don't complain about your life to me.
I would give anything to have your life.

Girls, if you are even THINKING of suicide, don't. With suicide, you affect everyone around you. If you think your family hates you, you're dead wrong. They will find your body. And cry harder then you've ever cried yourself. They will have to make the phone calls to your friends and classmates and other family. Your friends will blame themselves, and will never be the same, because you are permently gone. The pain of having to organize a funeral, seeing everyone crying. Because of you.
You will cause so much pain in everyone. Everyone will be damaged by this, in ways you can't understand.

I wish I could say that I could help, but honestly I can't. I'll try to log on every now and then, to reply to some comments. But please just tell someone if you are depressed or sad or abused or if you need help.

Quotes by Jasonisaballer

They say the pain goes away with time

that's the biggest lie I've ever heard

A lot of you girls on here say "fml" just because you don't have boyfriend

              STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Two of my sisters have died by suicide. My mother hasn't spoken to me since October. I have to work 3 jobs to keep the rest of my family afloat, I don't have time for my friends anymore, and college isn't even an option anymore.

                              Please begin to appreciate how easy your life is.



Never take your siblings for granted
you never know when they will leave forever



Keep fighting against society and all that bullshit of having to be perfect.

Because being imperfect is perfectly perfect.