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this website is whack . i'm here for Bri . ♥

Quotes by JayceeSky

Fave this & I'll tell you your best feature!
The days we are given are gifts from above
So today we remember to live & to love.


No matter how hard you try ; You can never remember how your dream started.

Mom: Why are you so in love with Drake?
Me: Because he is Drake. Like a genuis.
Mom: So, He says "Yolo" ?
Mom: Stupid.

When life knocks you down.
get back up & say " You hit like a b-tch."

Trying to open a bag of chips in a pitch quite room.
Sounds like bombs going off in WW1.

My Birthday Is On April Fools ..

So Does That Mean I'm A Joke ?

Mind Blown.

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To: you.

Message: Hey, Did you hear? This is layout is trying to be the next new thing!


Those People That Talk Hella Smack ;
& Don't Even Have A Profile Picture.

I'm Guessing That Jimmy Kid Is The New One,
T h a t A l l T h e W i t t y G i r l s A r e G o i n g T o H a t e.