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I love to party, and I love clothes, make-up, and hair, and stuff like that ! Call me a Barbie, but that's pretty much who I am, I love to model, sing, Act, dance, and write songs, and write poetry, I love gymnastics, but that's the only sport I actually like, well.. That's pree much it !! Peace out (:    Oh, and one more thing, I love Justin Bieber, he's like legit my HERO !! <3333

My moto: Don't be sad because it's over; Be happy because it happened.
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Life should always be lived to the fullest no matter what...

Never say it's too late, and never doubt that you can be happy, all it takes is time. Lots of time, a little time, but weather it's lots or little, your happiness will find you <3
He's my life, he's the one I've been waiting for
all this time, HE's changed me, and my life so
much. I love him more than words could ever
explain. His name:Chase <3 Your my life babyy. Always remember that. <3  
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Quotes by Jayleigh

I've made so many mistakes in life, I had a drinking problem, a problem with weed, I was always out partying, I pretty much lived by myself for a year, I didn't know what I wanted, I had a cutting problem, my self esteem was rock bottom low. But All that changed in one simple moment. My favorite moment of my entire life, the moment that I saw him  I looked into his eyes and fell right away. He stopped the cutting, the drinking, and all of the oartying, he made me confident, he saved me from hell. I thank him so much, his name is Chase, and we've been together for 10 months now, I love you Chase, I always have and always will. <3 <3 <3

My life story? 
Look up Runawy Love.

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It's never too late

Love is true to
The ones who don't just use it, but the ones that feel it

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It's incredible how one person 
Can change your life forever.. ♥

 I love you more than anything, your the one that I can talk to about anything and everything, I so desperatlely need to see you each and everyday, cause when I don't I feel like somethiung is missing, your the missing puzzle piece that I was looking for, and now that I've found you, I'll cherrish every moment with you, cause forever is truly a long time, but we all live, and we all die, I know that one day we will grow old, and we will have to say goodbye, but were going to meet up again in a better place, you keep me on my feet, you keep me in line, you can calm me down when ever I'm angry, or raging, you can make me instantly happy when I'm sad, you let me cry on your shoulder if I need to, when I fall down you pick me up, you catch me when ever I trip, when I'm having a rough time at home you let me know that everything will be okay, you can make my day incredible when it's going bad. You fixed me up like a broken car, you took me in your arms, and you wiped all of my tears away, and you chased away all of my fears. You promised me you would never leave me, or cheat on me, or play me. You treat me like a queen, and how I should be treated, you give me nice things like diamond earings, amd a sterling silver neaklace for Christmas.
Chase ,I want you to know that i'll love you for every moment of forever, and I promise that.
Love Jayleigh.

Being in love amazing...
 Being in love with someone makes you feel like your actually worth somehting, it makes you feel happy and joyful about life, it makes you feel special and like your a queen, or a king, being in love makes you realize that there really are things left in the world to live for, being in love makes you feel strong, and it makes you feel like life just coulndn't get any better, being in love gives you something to fight for, and it keeps you up on your feet each and everyday, it lets you know that there is someone actually worth waking up for in the morning.

Being in love is truly amazing.

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No one is perfect,
 So stop trying to be,
 Life is too short to be sonmeone else,
So just be yourself,

  And live your  life to the fullest.

I'm a gorgeous gangster
-Joey Stylez