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I love to party, and I love clothes, make-up, and hair, and stuff like that ! Call me a Barbie, but that's pretty much who I am, I love to model, sing, Act, dance, and write songs, and write poetry, I love gymnastics, but that's the only sport I actually like, well.. That's pree much it !! Peace out (:    Oh, and one more thing, I love Justin Bieber, he's like legit my HERO !! <3333

My moto: Don't be sad because it's over; Be happy because it happened.
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Life should always be lived to the fullest no matter what...

Never say it's too late, and never doubt that you can be happy, all it takes is time. Lots of time, a little time, but weather it's lots or little, your happiness will find you <3
He's my life, he's the one I've been waiting for
all this time, HE's changed me, and my life so
much. I love him more than words could ever
explain. His name:Chase <3 Your my life babyy. Always remember that. <3  
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Quotes by Jayleigh

No matter how dirty today or yesterday was 
Always remember That tomorrow is still clean.


 Just in case Witty actually does shut down, I want everyone on here to know that you all helped me through so much and taught me great lessons that I'll carry on through life. I wish you all the best. 
Love you<3
-Jayleigh <3



I love you more than words can explain...


I love you more
Than a fat kid loves cake.


And I have the boyfriend
That every girl dreams of having



& sometimes, a broken heart really can be cured.

A broken heart can be mended,
but there's always going to be a scar that hurts.
A tear can be wiped away,
But a thousand more will be sure to come back,
A cut can heal,
But sometimes we just rip them open again,
A smile can be put upon a face,
But wiped off as soon as were alone,
And sometimes...
There's just nothing we can do about it..




Does anyone else look at a girl..and then look at themselves and go



"I love you"

"I love you"

'"I love you"

"I love you"



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