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Quotes by JcZoe

Get off witty

There is such a beautiful word out there

So get out of your head
Pray to the God who made you
And forgive your self

Your lies
Were the ties
That kept me bound to you

But most the time i felt blue
I was a fool
Took them all

Took it all to heart
Now i'm falling apart
All these lies that i can't handle.
This was all just a great big sckandle.

Its been four years,
But i think it's time i went on
Witty is my life no more
There are three sides to my story

1. The metaphorical version
2. And the bare truth
3. Then the underlying secrets with in

Life make me laugh
Because it may seem to everyone that you're loosing
But deep down
You know you have already won
he only good thing left to do in life
Is  Smile

Sometimes i feel guilty for being happy

because i feel like i'm stealing someone elses happiness...
This life i'm living
I think someone else is better fitted for my part

Me and Life.
We don't get along.
I could write forever about nothing
you could let me go
i'll come back when i'm done
I'll show you what i've done
and you can judge me for it,
till then
You can judge my absence