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Quotes by JcZoe

I'm going to paris
and i just can't wait
i'm so lucky!

You came back to me

You said the perfect words
I let you right back in
I fell for you all over again

2 Days.
That's all it took.

For you to say you "couldn't do it anymore"
Well F you.

Because you made me fall in love with you.
It took months for me to get over you
Now i'll have to start all over again.

Why did i trust you!
You looked at me
looked at you

You looked at me again
I looked away

You looked as i glanced
You turned, but i'd already seen

I looked away
As you came to face me

We faced eachother
Then walked away

But i looked back
This time,
You didn't.
My mind is prone to wander

Wander right back to you
You thought you loved me once
I thought I loved you too

But we where foolish
How did it get this far

I'll never forget you
I hope you still think of me too
You're there. Then sudenly you're gone.
There is no getting over you.
Just replacing you till the memories start to fade.

It feels good to be happy
just because we can be
an on going circle of events
Failure is still something i can say i achived
     does anybody know?
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