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Jeanie Smiles here! I love almost anything you could possibly think of! Emos/goths/scenes...even though I love One Direction! lul British Youtubers are my favorite! Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell), AmazingPhil (Phil), Tomska (Tom Ridgewell), Slomozovo (Bing Bingham), Bertiebertg (Bertie GIlbert), VeeOneEye (Ja Son),OMFGitsJackandDean, ninebrassmonkeys (Ben Cook), nerimon (Alex Day), Eddsworld, etc. etc. I'm basically in almost every fandom...yup.....
I place my respects to Edd Gould, the creator of eddsworld. died of cancer, fought for two years. i drowned in tears....but i raise my COLA for him.

Quotes by Jeanie05

Tonight let's act like we're high
The fastest way to f*ck up someone's Knock Knock joke

"It's open"
Where are the hovercars?
I mean c'mon with the hovercars and robot maids!
What is this sh*t?!?


Kiss You video = AWESOME
Haylor is over
So tell me, girl, if every time we touch, I get this kind of rush.
Some nights I stay up staring at my laptop...

They say that nothing rhymes with orange, but what about door hinge? *Annoying Orange laugh*
I survived the Tumblr crash on
Group Chat on Facebook

Person 1: Lol why am I here?
Person 2: How can I leave?
Person 3: Lol you're a bad singer
Me: Wow...nice insult.
Person 2: HOW CAN I LEAVE????

no one ever listens to the person who wants to leave.

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