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Hi, My name is Jeanne!
This is my Witty Profile:D
I am obsessed with Witty Profiles and Music<3
Thats all you really need to know about me for now.....kbyyeee;D

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Jeannerz 9 years ago on quote #2329749
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kk ash...and aweee the feeling sucks, and the weird part is the bestfriend is the girl who first commented on this
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xoashox923 9 years ago on quote #2329749
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so i was looking through the friendship quotes and found this about me ...text me jeanne i cant believe i just found this like im really suprised ..
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yourmyforever 9 years ago on quote #2329749
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hey ! so i just lost one of my bestfriends.. cause i was being a huge .. so i know what your going through. if you need someone to talk to im here.. even though i dont know you m a pretty good listener
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