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you'll never find somebody else exactly quite like me(:

 Sebastian <3

 Our Baby girl <3


Quotes by Jenababe19

0. Height- 5'8

1.Virgin? mo

2.Shoe Size- 8.5

3.Do you Smoke? No

4.Did you ever Smoke? no

5.Did you ever drank alcohol? yess

6.Do you take drugs? no

7.Have Tattoos? yep

8.Want any tattoos?yes

9.Got any Piercings?yup

10.Want any Piercings? uhm maybe

11.Best friend? Sebastian

12.Relationship status? Taken <3

13.Crush? way past crush

14.Biggest turn offs- disrespectful, hairy chest lol ignorant

15.Biggest turn ons-funny, nice smile, helpful adventerous

16.I’ll love you if- you can love me

17.Someone you miss- Sebastian

18.Favourite cities- gb

19.A fact about your personality- your going to need a sence of humor to talk to me (:

20.What I hate most about myself- stronger than i look

21.What I love most about myself- eyes

22.What I want to be when I get older- ..

23.My relationship with my sibling(s)- yeah

24.My relationship with my parent(s)- Mdad is like my best friend, mom was my best friend R.I.P.

25.My idea of a perfect date- spending time together

26.The last watched movie- the dark knight rises

27.A description of the girl/boy I like- Hes mine<3

28.A description of the person I dislike the most- oh damn

29.A reason I’ve lied to a friend- idk

30.What I hate the most about work/school- idk

31.What your last text message says- "Biking and hanging with Seth"

32.What words upset me the most-depends

33.What words make me feel the best about myself- idk

34.What I find attractive in women- Nothing.

35.What I find attractive in men- ;]

36.Where I would like to live- Away from people

37.One of my insecurities- uhm

38.My childhood career choice- Vet

39.My favorite ice cream flavor- mint

40.Who wish I could be- myself durr

41.Where I want to be right now- with the boyfriend

42.The last thing I ate- doughnut

43.Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately- Sebastian

44.Where have you been three hours ago- In my room on my bed

11 Days till my birthday!! im excited but i feel old lol
God made mud
God made dirt
God made
boys so
format by julietechoecho
format by julietechoecho

Today is the day

that we find out if the baby isa boyor a girl(:

F O R M A T J I M M Y 3 6 5

What happens when im bored.


1. Name: Jena
2. Age: 19
3. Height: 5"8
4. Date of Birth: October 7th
5. Eye Color: blue/green
6. Religion: n/a
7. Sexuality: Straight

8. Hair Color: Dark brown
9. Eye Color: didnt i answer this?
10. Weight: really
11. Skin Tone: white lol.
12. Piercings/Tattoos: Pierced ears, navel and nose and wings on my back

13. Jewelry: bracelet
14. Build: Hourglass, but pregnant right now so round? hahahhah

15. Funny or Serious? both
16. Hard working or lazy? both haah
17. Flirty or reserved? depends

18. What is the first thing people notice about your personality? out going
19. Are you more caring or sympathetic? Caring
20. Are you sporty, artistic, bookworm or sciency? artistic and sporty

Have You Ever
21. Slapped someone in the face? Yup.
22. Lost touch with a good friend? Yup.. 
23. Kissed someone for a dare? yes

24. Drank alcohol? Yes
25. Broke a bone? No
26. Got chickenpox? yep when i was 5
27. Ate a whole pizza to yourself? No.
28. Stepped on a bug? Obviously
29. Rode a horse? not yet
30. Been seen naked by someone not your doctor or family member? yeah my boyfriend(:

How Many
31. TVs are in your house? 1
32. People have you kissed? hmm
33. Chairs are in the room you are in now? one
34. Best friends do you have? one
35. PCs or laptops are in your house? 1 PC 4 laptops and 1 tablet

This or That?
36. Summer or Winter? summer

37. Strawberry or Banana? Strawberry
38. Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? T swift
39. Eminem or Kanye West? eminem
40. Vegetables or Fruits? BOTH(:
41. Books or Movies? movies
42. Hugs or Kisses? Both, depends on who from
43. Rock or Pop? pop

Name The Last Person That...
44. Hugged you? Sebastian<3

45. Kissed you? Sebastian<3
46. Thanked you? dad
47. Flirted with you? James
48. Insulted you? Sister - my ex friends mom lol
49. Made you laugh? dad
50. Made you cry? sebastian :/

51. Ate? ramen
52. Drank? orange juice
53. Texted to? sebastian(:
54. Word Spoke? i cant wait for food
55. Time cried? last night
56. Time laughed? earlier

57. Best friend? Elaina
58. Crush? Gosh...
59. Boyfriend? Tony
60. Dog? Itchy
61. Kiss? 7th grade? or 8th

63. Do you own any brand shirts? yeah
64. What languages do you know? English
65. Do you like to sing? yeah
66. Are you competitive? yes and no
67. What are you afraid of? sand, losing the bf and my dad
68. Who do you miss? MY MOM R.I.P.
69. Are you a virgin? nope, but i waited till i was 18
70. Do you like photography? YES(:

Quiz Time

1. Are you going to be honest? Yes

2. age? 19
3. Are you the same as you were last year? noope.
4. height? 5'8''
5. music? keeps me sane.
6. what would you change about yourself? Nothing.
7. What do you want? omg dont get me started.

8. Favorite band? dont have one
9. favorite color? purple
10. favorite song? idk
11. favorite person? My boyfriend, Sebastian.
12. favorite food? lasagna,
13. favorite drink? Mnt. Dew.

14. Girlfriend? no
15. what do you notice first about a girl? uhm idk what they are wearing i guess
16. what do you look for? I dont
17. are you more attracted to Sporty or "scene" girls? neither.
18. Are you crushing on anyone right now? i love someone.
19. First kiss? long time ago.

20. Do you have a best friend? Sebastian.
21. How many close friends do you have? ugh.
22. Have you lost anyone in the past year? yep.
23. Have you made any new friends this year? Yeah.
24. Who do you have the best memories with? Sebastian.
25. Do you miss anyone right now? Yes i do!
26. If you could fix things with one person who would it be? Idk

27. worst habit? cracking my knuckles.
28. How's life? good.
29. Are you outgoing? It depends who I'm around.
30. What do you say a lot? ...
31. Talents? fjdsklgha;
32. Favorite quote? a hero is no braver than an ordinary man, he is braver 5 sec longer.
33. Something your struggling with? people.
34. Favorite memory? to many.
35. Something you miss? my mom
36. Something you want?
sebastian to come over
37. Something your looking forward to? the 7th
38. Addiction? no
39. Something you love? Sebastian ♥
40 Something you can't live without? family