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Hey, I'm Emily. But in reality, I'm best known as Emjay, and I prefer it, too. I absolutely love this website. All the girls on here can agree that this is the one place we can complain about absolutely everything and anything to girls who are feeling the exact same way. We all know what it's like to have those days where you just wanna scream, we've all been through the heartbreak, and sooner or later we've all been in love. I've learned that guys, and most girls are all actors. They look like someone someday to you, but can turn around and be someone completely different the next. Trust me, girls are not my favorite people in the world, but I know not to judge, because maybe they're going through something awful that I just don't know about. Don't ever forget that no matter what anyone says about you, you're beautiful. Life is way too short to look around at other people's lives, stop for a second, and look at your own. Wish it, dream it, do it.

~xoxo; Emjay.

Quotes by JenkinsXo


enough said.
no fancy letters, or stupid sayings.
i miss you, and there's nothing i can do about it.

Fav [] if you just realized the guy
who invented this website's
name was

Sometimes I just wish...

he would look at my picture;
and fall in love

You should've been like
Taio Cruz,
you know, warned me before you go and


does anyone else?...
think what they're about to say is so funny, but once it's said, well let's just say no one laughs, and you wish you never said it..

all mine;p
i love youmorethan i did before</3.
& i look back in regret how i ignored when they said..

"run as fast as you can."

i love when a boy sends a message twice.

that way i know he actually cares enough to talk to me.

&+so there's this boy...

no, he's not perfect;
but together, we just might be.