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Hey there, Its shane (Shanelovesyou)
Hacking Jennie, she didnt do her about me, but shes fun to talk to, shes pretty and you guys should ALL tottally follow her. Well i dont know what to write since I dont know her too well but shes cool so hitt her upp. Alritee, deucess(;

Quotes by Jennie123

Wow haven't been on in forever......I'm

back guys! K so while I've been gone I

met the love of my life. Dalton Aaron

Gates. He is my world. He is the one I

gave 'it' to. I love him. He loves me more.

*Living a Fairytale Life*
I love you yet you love her
Wanna hear something funny.............?
You know I like you and your telling me to wait till you break up with her.....
You have left me so many times I use a calculator to count.........have fun with her I am not picking up the pieces of your heart.....</3
I'm not good enough for him
I miss you but you were never mine </3
I wore my uggs that I got for christmas to school and ended up doing splits all day.......not including my friend pushing me so I would slide
I'm a flirt ;)
I'm willing to do anything ;)