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*Freedom*'s Favorite Quotes

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i hurt too. hold my hand.

I feel like Sidney Prescott circa Scream 3,
because I live in the middle of nowhere, too
afraid to leave my house (okay, so she might
have better reasons. serial killers are always
after her, I have crippling anxiety, whatever.),
and I spend literally all my time alone/with
my furbaby (dog.)
"I was my missing piece for so long.
I complete me. I deserve me. I am worthy."
   you lost
Do you think of me? Does your heart race when you think of my skin, my eyes, my mouth, my smile?

Because mine does when I think of you.

Stolen Heart
Chapter 11
''Hiding something from me, 'bestie.'' Kelsie uttered, emphasizing on the last word, dropping her bag to the floor and pressing her palms against her hips. The sudden frown that spread across Rein's face bemused her. Why would Rein be frowning if the situation was describing itself?

''I really don't know what you're talking about and to be honest,'' Rein closed her locker with a chuckle, ''I don't care right now.''

''You both are dating?'' Kelsie said  in disbelief. Even saying it seemed wrong and with that, the jaws that fell to the ground around them was unbelievable. Why would the popular Craig go for such a low nerdy girl? It was unreal for the hidden Matthew, standing behind the argument and trying to keep a safe distance from the girls. Seeing Kelsie's wrath wasn't new however, the fury that could be read all over her face was surprising to everyone, even Rein herself. Rein's tried to calm herself down, but the light shade of pink that formed itself unto her cheeks was showing how embarrassed she was feeling at this present moment in front of Craig. Obviously for the last couple days she had this small feeling for Craig, but dating still seemed wrong.

Rein parted her lips to answer, but the arm that flew across her shoulder made her voice stop. She looked up, but his gaze was still  focused on Kelsie's who was staring at this situation with a scowl, ''Yes, we are.''

''What?!'' They all said simutaneously and Rein brushed his arm off, pushing him back before turning her face back towards Kelsie who was now grabbing her purse from the ground.

''I can't believe you'd do this to me, you're such a b.itch.'' Kelsie whispered to her, but the tears that were trying to escape was noticeable. She shook her head and turned around, only making Rein feel worthless and pathetic for what she had done. Not to mention, she had done nothing wrong. However, when her best friend was abroad of tears for some reason, it was obvious something she did wasn't right.  Before she knew it, herself was walking the other direction with tears scrolling down her cheeks. When she felt Craig's palm press itself against her shoulder, she slapped it away and ran as fast as she could out some large doors and into the fresh air. 

Why is Craig keeping on lying this way?
Which one will Matthew choose though, he's between his two best friends?
And plus, did Rein do anything wrong?

Answer your thoughts to these questions in the comment section BELOW.
English Love
Chapter 2

With a smirk, he advanced towards the door and opened it, making both the girls stop and gasp. If they wanted to make fun of his name, he could play at this game as well.

"I suppose both of you are late?"

Emma nor Levi could believe their eyes. This human being was nothing alike with Voldemort,
he was complete gorgeous, just fabulous. The way his eyes ringed the turquoise and his black jet dark hair spiked all around his scalp. His jaw could slice through an onion and the way his face was structured was ravishing. 

Levi nudged Emma, making her clear her throat. "Y-Yes sir. We sure are." She tried to let out a breathy laugh but her trial failed when she only saw his poker face raise an eyebrow. 

He nodded his heard, clearing his throat himself, "Well I suppose you can head to the girl's bathroom with me so we can open the chamber of secrets, or would that be too...familar, I should say?"

Levi's eyes widened in suprise, understanding that he had heard everything. Emma jerked her head towards Levi who seemed be struggling to breath. Everything was going awful for the first day, and now they were on bad terms with probably the hottest teacher. "Well, are you going to answer me?"

"My apologies Professor...Chambers." Emma let out, looking down at her shoes.

"That wasn't right. Maybe I should make you write an apology letter at the detention you have tonight in this room." 

"What we don't have de-" Emma nudged Levi and she moaned in unplesureness, rolling her eyes.

"Yes sir."

"Now take your seats before the Basilics catches you." He turned away from the door and as they saw his back, Emma turned her head to Levi with widdened eyes. They were both in shock and still surprise this happen that Levi was sending her wide eyes as well. What had they done? They shouldn't have made fun of him right in front of his door. "And stop making faces to each other." 

They squirmed, "Yes sir." 


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Don't mind this quote, just me venting.

There was this girl in my vocal class that went through the same things I went through. We made a promise to never hurt ourselves again and I've been trying to keep that promise but it's been hard these last few days. We became best friends for around the last two to three months of school. We'd always hang out together during school; we had our little group of friends but if we didn't want to be with them we'd walk around the track outside during lunch. I'd walk her to class, she'd walk me to class; the point is we were the best of friends. We'd even talked about Universities and made plans to be roomates and such, to get a scholarship so we could have fun together during those years. Even thinking about it makes me laugh. We made plans about hanging out this summer, summer full of memories and such like every other teens would want their summer to be like. But she had to leave for the whole summer for albania which I wasn't sad about; it's her blood related family, we would stay best friends. We talked about how we would skype each other everyday and such; I never had a best friend before so for me it was a pretty big deal. We had one fight but then we forgave each other two days later since we couldn't stay mad at eachother. There was this guy she'd always tell me about; he was obssessed with her. He'd annoy her alot, message her everyday and go to her house when she said no. He was whipped. And I didn't like him and I still don't like him. As summer started, they started dating. I openly told her I don't like him. She told me to trust him and I started being nice to him since that's what a best friend would do. He's a nice fellah but really girly and annoying which is why I didn't like the feeling but I started trusting him slightly. The thing is though, he'd always hang out with her during the summer and she'd tell me about it. I  asked her if I could come over since we never hung out outside of school, but she told me she was busy while he kept going to her house and chilling with her. I didn't say anything about it because I'm not one to just start beef like that. And it wasn't that big of a deal. If she wants to chill with him then thats fine, my say isnt relavant.  Then we were best friend so we had nothing to hide. She had my twitter account password and I had hers. But he comes in saying that he doesn't use his twitter so deletes his account but then starts sharing hers and makes her change the password since they were now sharing and now I don't have her account; she only has mine. Once again, I tried to talk to her about it but she said it wasn't a big deal so I let it go. This whole month of July since the day she was gone, I'm the one who always messaged her first to stay close with her and I've been trying to even though were miles and miles apart right now. It's been two weeks already and I haven't spoken to her at all and it just breaks my heart that I helped her through everything but she didn't once think of messaging me to ask how I'm feeling. Nobody does. I don't think you people understand that I have a bunch of friends, but I don't have one real friend that actually cares about me. I could leave and nobody would actually realise I left. It just breaks my heart that she doesn't really care about me. I bet she talks to him like everyday but not once did she have the decency to ask if I still kept my promise. Well, I'm done. I broke my promise a long time ago; I never stopped. The day she got mad at me, I had nobody. I cried for the whole two nights but she still had her people and instantly ditched me, making me the person who had to go talk to her; why does it always have to be me the one to go make such an effort to go talk. It's not all my fault. I've been trying to get my mind off evreything; I took summer school, I draw, I read, I play travel, I write stories on wattpad but nothing is okay. I'm done. 
Just needed to vent because I'm done; I'm on my own. I need to stop caring so much about others when they never care about me. It's not like I'm anything special to be honest, the only reason I'm alive right now is because of my mother. It would break her heart, and I've been trying for ever to be happy. I guess it never works for people like me. Whatever, I'm done.

When I used to think about witty's future I never pictured this...
Witty used to be an escape, a really, really cool one, with over  a thousand people a day and all different kinds of people and quotes that were pretty da.m fcking awesome. There are friends on here I've met that have impacted me, and inspired me to be a better person and see things from a different perspective, people who have changed my life. Friends that I'll never forget <3
& who remembers those legendary, amazing users? 
FramingMatthew ? ..RIP <3 I can't go on his profile without bawling my eyes out... 
ThatsSoMeee ? She posted the most beautiful quotes.
Jimmy365  ? Hilarious posts... Also famous for pretending to be a gay guy when in fact was a female :P
And there's sooooo many others. Does anyone else remember that year when it seemed like more boys kept joining each second? And those pointless fights over Nutella and homosexuality and original quotes? And the band phases like One Direction and the Jonas Brothers? And the I-can't-believe-Harry-Potter-is-over time?
No matter what, in the end, we were all a family and there for each other. People would pile non stop comments on a quote like 'I wish I was dead' and save lives with the fact that they simply cared.
So much stuff has happened, so many unforgettable friendships formed.  & we're all that's left.  
Witty will either die with what's left of us, or we can resurrect it.  But my main point is, that I love this website, and it has changed me, and so have the people I've found on here, and I just wish it wasn't ending in such a dreadful way.  Witty was a home for me.