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*Freedom*'s Favorite Quotes

                      How to tell who has been stalking your Facebook profile.

                      1. Go to Facebook.com

                      2. Right click anywhere on the page.

                      3. Click "View page source"

                      4. Press CTRL + F and type "orderedfriends"

                      5. Copy the first series of numbers in quotation marks below it.

                      6. Open another tab, go to Facebook.com/(paste the number here)

                      7. The first number is the person that's been on your profile the most, 
                          the second the second most, and so on.

                         YOU'RE WELCOME.


Teenage Years


''Just hanging out at home.'' She chuckled, grabbing another popcorn 
from the bowl and dropped herself on the couch. Her parents and her little brother went to his baseball game. To be honest, baseball wasn't her thing. Sports never cooperated well with her which meant, no scholarships in sports. Her friend Kayla, her best friend since they were in diapers, replied with a small chuckle of her own and the phone went quiet for a while. 

She glanced at the clock and finally realized they were late. Really, darn late. It was past nine o'clock at night and her brother wasn't aloud to be up that late. Maybe they were stuck in traffic and were too lazy to pick up their phone and call her saying they are going to be late today. Then she heard the doorbell. The person seemed in a extreme rush, pressing it again and again and again.

''Who is that?'' She heard Kayla's curious voice. Fay whispered a small no idea and walked over to the door, looking out the windows by the door. When she saw the police uniform, she frowned. She was a goody two shoes.

''I'll call you back, a police man is at my door.'' She whispered before shutting the phone and throwing it on the sofa. After a while of deep breathing and sighing, she opened the door, surprised by how tall he was compared to how he seemed by the window. She gave him an uneasy smile and greeted him weakly, ''Hi sir.''

''Are you....'' he searched through his paper, ''Fayonna Clones.''

Fayonna's body was screaming for her to close the door on his face. ''Yup, that's me.'' She said, trying to sound excited. It only came out in a awkward tone and the police looked at her with pity. She frowned again. What was going on?

''Fayonna, I don't know how to say this to you but...'' The police man sighed before clearing his throat and looking at her in the eyes, ''Your parents and your younger brother were into a terrible accident this afternoon.''

''What do you mean?'' Her jaw was shaking. Her legs weren't even able to support her weight anymore and she almost fell to the floor and kept her grasp on the door. The obvious was right in front of her but, she didn't want to believe it. Until, she heard his last words legs couldn't support anymore. She fell to the ground and her heart beat stopped. She couldn't breath anymore because a huge lump had formed in her throat. This couldn't be true. This couldn't be right.

''They all didn't make it. I'm sorry.''

-&- Let me know if you like it. (:


                                                                             If you're my boyfriend you're not allowed to:

• Have candles on your birthday cake
wtf are you wishing for all your wishes came true when you met me

• Kiss another female besides me
You wanna say goodbye to grandma? You better chest bump her and call it a day, boy

• Speak to other females
idc if you're lost and need directions you better get on your knees & ask Jesus to guide you or somethin

• Own a GPS/SatNav
what' you tryna' do? Navigate your way out of this relationship?

• Buy glasses or contact lenses
why do you need your vision to improve? You seeing someone else?

• Sneeze in public
girls'll be like "bless you" wtf girl you're already blessed you have ME

• Eat Jalapenos/Chillies
they're hotter than me

• Buy lightbulbs
i'm the only person that can light up your world. THE ONLY ONE

• Listen to another girl's relationship problems
a shoulder to cry on becomes a d/ck to ride on

• Watch animal planet
you might see your ex

• Wear shoes with laces on
you might trip and fall in love with someone better than me, better wear them sketcher slips ons

• Be good at maths
find ya "X" and you gonna wonder "Y" you're single again

• Drink milk
Whatchu need the strength for? Tryna get the strength to leave me?! No not today

• Spray Lynx in public
next thing you know hoes gonna be poppin' out beggin' for his d/ck.

a baby's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear
unless it's 3am and you're home alone and you don't have a baby


I can't believe...

  I thought he was different.


BravoSierra's format

When i turn 69,
                                                                     I'm just going to laugh for an entire year.  

I love how half of you little sh.ts think I give a flying f.ck what you think.
Newsflash, I don't f.cking care. I love it when you guys point out obvious things. I'm c.ocky? I'm rude? I'm full of myself? No f.cking sh.t. That has been adressed in the real world a long, long time ago. Those are all known facts that you do not need to point out. I am 100% okay with you guys insulting my personality because you're just little sh.ts hiding behind your computer screen trying to feel superior to a motherf.cking 15 year old.

However, I do have a problem with this.
I am not okay with you insulting my religion. I am not okay with you stereotyping me because of one of my ethnicites. I am not okay with you insulting my beliefs (which I have never even f.cking elaborated on so don't even act like you know everything about them).

Yes I am a Roman Catholic. I believe in God, that Jesus is my saviour, and I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe the stories in the bible. Now, many of you will call me ignorant for this. I don't care if your Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or all the other branches of religion I am not including because it would just be too long. I don't care if your atheist. If that's what you believe, all power to you! If I don't judge you for your religious affiliation, you shouldn't just me on mine.

Yes, my ancestors were Polska Roma. Polish Romani's. Romani's. Polish gypsies. Gypsies. Travellers. Whatever you would like to call them. Yes, I am Romani. But that doesn't give you permission to call me dirty, a thief, a pikey, or any other insult you want.

It is a known fact that I am against abortion. I have many reasons, many of which I have not elaborated on because they are personal and I don't need any of you knowing everything about me. Just because I don't believe in something, doesn't mean I'm gainst it. If a woman gets an abortion because of the right reasons, okay! Great! Good for her! Yes, I am against it. But I can understand why a woman would get one. I can support a woman who got one if it was for the right reasons. I can be against something and not want to make it illegal. I mean, I'm against vegetables, but do I go around trying to make them motherf.cking illegal?
This is a concept called being open minded, something many of you have yet to comprehend.

So, this iturned out to be longer than I intended, but it had to be said.
More than half of you need to learn your place and learn that it is not socially acceptable to insult people in the ways that you do, even if it is on the internet.

when i turn 69, i'll probably
laugh for the entire year.

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