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Jennymartin's Favorite Quotes

Most girls in books and movies: Omg I can't decide whether I love Lucas or Matt! My life is so difficult!

Me: Omg I can't decide whether I should eat the chocolate chip cookie or the sugar cookie! Ugh.
Me: *eats both*
This quote does not exist.

For any girl who thinks she's fat or starves theirself to be good enough:
- A thigh gap depends on the width of your hips not an indication of weight.

- Ribs or hipbones aren't meant to be seen on someone with a healthy weight.

- Collarbones shouldn't be fully visable.

- It's normal to have rolls on your stomach, when you sit down or bend over.

- It's normal to have a stomach that curves out.

- Most girls have stretchmarks, they are not a sign of fat but a sign of growing.

- Eating whatever whenever is perfectly fine.

- The best way to get a bikini body, is by putting a bikini on your body.

It shouldn't be called the "90's Kids",

it should be called,
"the kids who remember the good Disney Channel".


Plot Twist: The bachelorette chooses the host as her husband. 

do boys even get crushes
like i am thoroughly convinced that is a myth


if you ever have children you could
introduce them to people by saying hey wanna see what i made

when i have a bad hair day:
"i am not leaving the house."

when i can't find the right clothes:
"i am not leaving the house."

when it's raining outside:
"i am not leaving the house."

when the internet is calling me:
"i am not leaving the house."

when i have a sore anything:
"i am not leaving the house."

ya feel me?



Does anyone else take their

earphones out when they put music

on to see if anyone else around

them can hear it before they put them

back in?


My little brother asked his friend what friendship was:
He replied with, "Friendship is when you steal my chocolate everyday from my bag... and yet I still keep it in the same place."