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 Hey guyz! as you can see , i'm in forever and ever love with One Direction. i'm a super obsessed Directioner. my inspiration is Jill (OneDirection) . she's got millions of followers because she has earned it! she's worth it and she's one of my greatest friends. and my real life best friend is Mahi . her user here is Mahirockz . she's the best :) i love her.. ( as a frnd :P ) so guyzz.. my fav tv shows are pretty little liars and supernatural. they both are awesome :D i love Bruno Mars . he's so cool. 
If you walk awayyy, everyday it'll rain, rain , rain raa-ee--iinn!!
Bruno Mars and One Direction, 
you know what? don't think you're ugly cuz everyones beautiful in their own way.
love urself.
peace out
bye! :) <3

baby, you light up my world like nobody else

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Happy Friendship Day 
to all my wonderful friends like OneDirection (Jill), Mahirockz(real life best friends forever <3) , marykate1239 and many others for supporting me even when i was wrong. Thanks for everything , guys. :) <3 i love u all...
Jen xxx
  April fools day

Me texting my ex : i miss you , and i want us back together. 
( laughing in mind )
ex: i miss you too , have been thinking a lot about us.
me: LOL! April fools day!!

*forever alone * fav if u got it <3

 Peace  :)

            Happy Birthday Selena Gomez :)

 Hello :)


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  If you know , Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez are confused for each other since they look alike. But who's more beautiful? Comment on quote with your choice :) lets see who winss..!! i Choose Lucy <3 




                                                y Gave you what i had and you tossed it in trash you tossed it in the trash , yes you did. 

to give me all your love is all i  ever asked , cuz ,
what you don't understand is i'd catch a grenade for ya,,
ahh ahh..
i'd throw my hand on a blade for ya

you know i'd do anything for ya!

i would go through all this pain
take a bullet straight through my br
but you won't do the same <3 





  dude   i love  this font :P credit   to   livelaugh26 :) lol anyways ... howz u  wittians?? no  chat.., worst thing ever. -_-

said i wouldn't 


but now i'm 

all alone 

and i need you

now <3

and i don't know 


i can do it 

i just need you 

now <3