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-My Names Jessica. -Softball's my LIFE -Volleyball's my LOVE -Basketball's my GAME -Karate's my PASSION -I'm an ATHLETE

Quotes by Jessica_1121

in this world im superman and boy
your just my wonder woman
You can't do it like we do
[ k a r a t e ]
It's all about schooling your goofy face
[ b a s k e t b a l l ]
Dig it
Spike it
Save it
thats the way we like it
[ v o l l e y b a l l ]
The Hitting
The Running
The Fielding
The Catching
The Sliding
* The Tan Lines *
[ s o f t b a l l ]
Dance is a hobby and Cheerleaders a joke Ya wanna try something challenging try to play a sport.
Beautifully Broken && Glamorously Destroyed
I had nightmares about this day and how Iíd never make it but this day has long past and Iím stronger than you knew and I will make it I have made it
The worst feeling is knowing you canít do a thing
All I ever needed was someone who never...ever left my side. All I ever wanted was one person to need me.
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