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-My Names Jessica. -Softball's my LIFE -Volleyball's my LOVE -Basketball's my GAME -Karate's my PASSION -I'm an ATHLETE

Quotes by Jessica_1121

If I learned anything its people can surprise you in a million and one ways you never thought imaginable.
Look into my eyes in silence and Iíll love you forever
Please donít test me.
Iím far from perfect ; I will tick you off ; I make mistakes ; I get out of hand ; Iím human
And Iíve yet to understand how my heart gets so attached.
I learned not to let my heart get attached and with that you canít break my heart ;; Iím stronger than youíll ever be and you cant break me
I give in too easily, to almost anyone.
The Pain You Put Me Through The Great Times You Turned Bad The Day to Day Hell Is All Over Now And I Wish I Would Have Ended It Sooner I Will Miss You And I'll Question Myself But I'll Never Go Back
Starting Today I Won't Look Back I Won't Let Them Bring Me Down And I'll Never Regret.
"baby shame on you if you fooled me once shame on me if you fooled me twice"
-Life Goes On
LeAnn Rimes
you make my world worth while crush me in a matter of minutes then completely re-build me and i so hate you for it but why cant i move on just because i love you doesn't mean i want to
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