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-My Names Jessica. -Softball's my LIFE -Volleyball's my LOVE -Basketball's my GAME -Karate's my PASSION -I'm an ATHLETE

Quotes by Jessica_1121

"You could never play me , Why cause I'm such a f***** lady" - Remy Ma
"This aint nothin that you used to out of the ordinary and usual you gotta have a mind of state that im so great cant nobody do it like you do miraculous fanominal aint nobody here thats stoppin you" -Remy Ma
I've Never Needed a Boy Because My Girls are All The Love I Need [ loveyouall ]
Second To No One
I'm not the type of girl who's going to say nasty stuff about you after you leave me I'm not the type of girl who will pretend every things perfect after you leave me I'm not the type of girl who will hate you forever after you leave me But I am the girl who will be there for you after you leave me
She sits there in silence getting ready to be Second To No One
If Iíve learned anything itís no ones always there for you and sometime you have to be your own hero
Donít judge what i do donít tell me what to do because you can never stop me but ... you can try
She Wants To Feel like She Doesnít Have To Worry About Anything
Someday you'll cry for me like i cried for you Someday you'll miss me like i missed you Some day you'll need me like i needed you Someday you'll love me, but i wonít love you
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