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I Love You So Much... But Do You Love Me Too

Quotes by JessieGirl1298

Confession #6
i still sleep with my baby blanket :D


Confession #5
i want to live next to you :D


Confession #4
i get really nervous when your not at school


Confession #3
i hate not being yours :/


Confession #2
i still think ther are monsters under my bed ;D


Confession #1
I Cuddle My Pillow Pet At Night


My Fave Colors: Black and Blue
My Fave Song: Fallen Angels
The One I Love: Cody Moutinho
Describe him: Cute, A Player, Cuts
Three Wishes: He isn't a player, He is mine,
And he would love me
Where You Would Live: New Sweden, Maine
Why: So i could see Cody more
Last Wish: That at the end he is all mine

when all the betchs are alive they eat jessica and may be betch slap the shet outa her ;)

She wheres a smile every day
So people don't suspect anything
She gets mad and hides in corners
But when she gets home every day

It seems that she is a different person
She is depressed and crying in her room
Her smile is gone and has smeared lip gloss
She takes the knife and cuts up and down herself
Every day goes by the same way as the other days go
But today wasn't the same

She grabbed the knife and stabbed it through her chest
Now she was happy, in heaven with her dead family
Where she wouldn't have to suffer from bullies and cutting
She was saved and now she can finally see him

The one she would cry about every day
But now she is with him every day and doesn't have to worry

About being little miss perfect!

                                                                          I Love Him                                                                             
                                                                       He Loves Her                                                                           
                                                             I think of him every night                                                                 
                                                           He thinks of her every night                                                              
                                                                       I cry over him                                                                          
                                                         He gets sad when she is mad                                                                                                             I Love him more than anything in the world                                                 
                                                                 I'm only his second