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You don't know you're beautiful

Hi! my name is Jessica! I love one direction I am a directioner .  I love to play soccer and sing.  My Best friends on witty are Stefi14 and Aligal and Maggiehaha.  Check out there profiles!!!!! I just moved 800 miles away from my friends and now i live on the east coast. My favorite songs are Payphone and Moments. I love my two dogs and yeah.. Idk what to say.  Comment on my profile!!!

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Quotes by JessieJane

When someone tries  

to spread a rumor

about you and your

..Really? what did

I EVER do to you?


"I'll just have a spoon-full of icecream"
and then 
searching for the biggest spoon in your house



You know you're bored when 
Y o u    h a v e   n o t h i n g   t o   d o   i n   t h e   m i d d l e   o f   t h e   d a y   o n  
S u n d a y   a n d    y o u   s t a r t   d o i n g   y o u r   h o m e wo r k .


Dear Grandma,

butt dial  and bootycall

do NOT mean the

same thing.

sincerely, you


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One direction isn't an inspiration?

Harry: made me believe that you don't need to be super skinny and gorgeous to get a guy. He taught me age isn't the biggest problem in a relationship.

Niall: Taught me it's okay to be different.  He made me believe that some guys really will wait for the girl of their dreams, not just the other way around.

Louis: made me believe it's ok to be immature no matter how old you are.  He taught me people can change and to dress how I like no matter what people say to me.

Liam: Convinced me that if you want something bad enough and you keep trying you can reach your goals, even if you fail the first time.  He also inspired me to change it up every so often.

Zayn: Taught me that being shy can be a good thing sometimes.  Also, he taught me that it's okay to be happy with your appearance and to love yourself

Now do you believe me?  If not, one last thing: They made girls feel beautiful and brought fans closer together
We are family <3

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 It's times when
                                                         yOu really Need


when you realize who your True friends are.
(Everyone knows if they have been that friend)
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That awkward moment when you cant hear someone so you just laugh and nod your head and hope it wasnt a question..

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that awkward moment when
you can't stop laughing while  telling a joke, and when you're finally done,

your friends
don't even get it.

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"Dude you're fat"
 "It runs in the family" "Dude nobody in you're family runs"

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Seeing a spider is nothing.
It becomes a problem when it disappears.


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